Sunflower 05/26/2023 (Fri) 22:04 Id: b065c7 No.3372 del
>get emotionally tricky
He seems beyond those things already.
>I actively sought the position as Anti-Christ
Jesus appeared before me with the crown of thorns and body made of blood. I acquired the "power of thorns" before and he gave me his "last blood". With that I can attune to everything that "he left behind" and to those that "became" from the "last blood". The one true purpose of that is not control but to make the zombies finally alive again. Not gonna be easy and I still don't know how it will happen but I got hold of the "power of suffering" and everything that will come from it. It's easy to save the "Meek" but we are going beyond it.
>This is starting to look like a family reunion.
It seems he just wanted to say hi

Also I can't believe you this is like posting my nudes on the internet. But guess I had to "hear it".