Sunflower 05/26/2023 (Fri) 22:10 Id: b04113 No.3373 del
Recently been experimenting with a new ritual method. It's the first actual ritual method I've really put effort into working with. Up until recently I've just been working via thoughtforms and energy channeling in the astral. Everything else seemed unnatural to me.

The technique of 'Narrativistic thaumaturgy'. Basically just creative writing with the intent of having what you write down happen in real life. I got this idea after experimenting with performing workings with AI RPG chatbots as the framework. The workings seemed to actually have an effect, but censors and memory limitations prevented an organic flow from being achieved. I switched to regular unassisted creative writing instead. I remember Grant Morrison talking about something similar, using his comic writing process as a sigilization method in his lecture on Chaos Magic ( Also I'm pretty sure that a lot of Chris-Chan's Sonichu comics were created with this intent.

I find that writing with an actual physical pen and paper seems to have a much better effect than typing on a computer. I'm not sure if this is just because pen and paper requires more energy and attention or if the creation of a physical talisman imbues the process with some sort of meaning which encourages the effects to manifest physically rather than mentally. At the start of the process I also make a point to begin channeling white creation-mana in liquid-ink form through my pen, and to assume a 'powerful' astral form. Don't know if this is strictly required or not. A state of intuitive flow and strong visualization of the scene that's playing out does seem to be a definite requirement though.

The biggest advantage that this has given is that the effects of workings seem to manifest much more quickly than when I just create a thoughtform to do something. Multiple times I've had the effects of a narrativistic spell show themselves immediately after I completed the creative writing. I put the paper away, sit down at my computer, and one of the first things I see is something that very obviously mirrors what I just wrote.
It's also very useful for troubleshooting and improving precision. Since you actually have a detailed record of the process you went through for a spell you can easily go back and review it if the effect isn't something that you expected.