Sunflower 09/13/2023 (Wed) 08:28 Id: 9e95d5 No.4257 del
(785.33 KB 1200x2400 pixel succubus.png)
I guess that was kind of funny. Now I know they do read this board.

When I explained a female demon won't understand complex implications...

... they instead summoned a male demon, with the same phrasing!


It also seems they don't really read this board or know anything. I just let the demon interact with my astral succubus avatar, everyone happy.

When this result was revealed to them, they went back to paying me another female demon whore. This time they went for a really hot one. They were somehow under the impression that an infernal demon is somehow weak to lava, fire and brimstone. Weird worldview. If the female demon consists of fire and brimstone, what makes you think my astral demon form would be harmed by heat? Retards with the deductive ability of a 3 year old rotfl.

They then went back to some weird dream manipulation using industrial size projection devices, because my shields won't let any foreign messages in unless they're positive, the only way is to send the message into the environment outside me. This was followed by some stupid WW2 style demolition workings, which I detached and mounted on them before they went off. I should perhaps mention that all those karmic bombs sent before taught me how to freeze explosions in time and also reverse them, so if you try to blow things up around me, I will put the bomb back together and teleport it to your location, then place a containment shield around you and the bomb, before setting time back to full speed.

But if you like that, please go on and repeat this.