Sunflower 09/19/2023 (Tue) 16:52 Id: 9e95d5 No.4324 del
The barracuda was actually a term first channelled from the Queen. She showed it in a cloud image and I asked her about it. At the time this referenced a certain group among humans.

It was only later that the greater context was revealed. The negative mega-beings out in the negative space, the "shadow" or the Qliphoth, which resemble large skeleton fish, are best called Demiurges. The term does refer to one of them in its original use.

The barracuda is a much larger fish, a predatory collective which eats demiurges. The barracuda is seven galaxies long, and considered the last boss of existence among evil beings. Those on Earth who walk the path of spiritual atheism, all seek to join a barracuda, believing that the "swarm of barracudas" is an unbeatable organization. It is perhaps a space empire of some kind, but it is far from unbeatable. The illusion stems from them only existing in negative/shadow dimensions. They appear immense in size and numbers when viewed from the perspective of a regular humanoid being, and for those of the negative alignment, walking the path to sin, the barracuda collective is a God beyond all perception.

In reality, a single person can kill them easily, and for someone with a little bit of real gong, it's not a problem to take on the swarm itself. This statement will be viewed as inconceivable by the evil beings lurking this board. But this explains what they just experienced.

Anyone else, if you're interested in seeing this first hand, ask NET/Astra for "the barracuda eater." It's a method for consuming and transforming barracudas, concentrating them into suns for energy storage in your personal dimensions.

I bet this will piss them off even more ;^)
Let's see what more you think you have hidden up your sleeves.

Pic related, my gloves are still on.