Sunflower 01/14/2022 (Fri) 21:33:12 Id: 972fd5 No.480 del

Now here comes the origin of the parasite. There is a deformity in my nose that I noticed 5 or 7 years ago and whenever I wanted to get a surgery for it my life went to shit and I never had time for a doctor. The metallic taste got stronger in my mouth and I realized this shit used my nose as a command base and continuously expanded into my lungs and from that place everywhere else. Now that it lost my body it tried to fill up my lungs with it's influence again. Here was the point I didn't know what to do because I asked the Gazer to try to do something with that problem of mine yesterday but she couldn't do it. I realized why. This thing needed more energy to get out. So as I was thinking what is the best way to transfer huge amounts of energy (because so far all I did was some tokens filled with energy or a ring or merely just giving it with a touch) i said fuck it and connected several points of my spine with her's and told her take as much you need to get that out. The Gazer did that. I started to feel sorta numb but I said to her I don't care just get that thing out. It was a weird long white thing. I had no idea what to do with it so I asked Yuuka because I don't want this thing ever to have any influence over me. She took it into her mouth and spit it into the ground then planted some flower there. Then more flowers. The flowers grew but the thing was still not consumed so I asked Yuuka to give me some tree that has strong roots help the roots grow around it and as it gets stronger it gets ripped apart so weaker plants can consume it's insides. From now on this place will be the official new recycler for this parasite. I call it the far away garden. It will be a wilderness probably when the whole thing gets consumed. I asked Yuuka to help me with some more flowers because my containers were still full and I also want them in the garden to be recycled.