Sunflower 01/14/2022 (Fri) 22:24:40 Id: 7654d1 No.482 del
>The lion even vomited out a 7-8 month old fetus made of some real hard darkness that she couldn't digest
I once found a red baby in a position that was sort of like a brain inside my head, I wonder if its my mind/ego or something else.

>Then after a while she vomited out machine parts.
Once while in the hypnagogic state I saw an engine with gears spinning in the back of my mind, as I looked at it the symbol of masonry appeared in front of it, then I removed it.

Also found a gray colored fleshy cube(made of small arms and legs) in my head, no idea if its still there or what it is.

I'd try the Usnija Vijaya Dharani to purify this core thing tbh, no idea what the effect would be.
Also in case of demon problems(and I think this kind of parasyte counts too) the Green Tara mantra seems to help a lot, I once listened to it around 3 times and mentioned that there was a demon here that needed to be removed and Tara instantly showed up and beamed him with a yellow light.