Sunflower 01/14/2022 (Fri) 22:58:49 Id: 972fd5 No.483 del
>It seems reasonable to assume it's the same stuff as the elites use and "refine".

Yeah now that I found the hard "cores" and the "machine parts" I am even more sure of it but I don't want this to ever slow me down.

I am not even sure I want to know how much hardness the elites achieved that only the nectar of gods could ever make them keep on living.

I wonder if purifying some inner parts of them could make the nectar kill them from the inside and keep their body as a container until you can ask some god to take it away.

But whatever their path is dangerously stupid. You become too dark you need more nectar. You lighten up the nectar kills you. A balancing game that just delays the destruction. But maybe they think they know better.

And I wanted to ask for a reading because you can see karma like and other structures and now I dismantled a lot of things that I would consider as "karma" and as I go I find more and more but I want to know how much could be left. I am not at the level where I can see progress bars. Things just "happen"


Don't worry cores are now plant fertilizers and will serve as such for a while they cause no harm further. The baby was a parasite and was crushed as such because the lion vomited it when I asked her to help get out the main core and I had no time to consider other options.

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