Sunflower 01/15/2022 (Sat) 11:23:32 Id: 972fd5 No.485 del
It seems I still have mini-cores and clusters inside me but they lost their intellect so all they can do is creep slowly towards my spine like some regular low level parasite. It even lost it dark quality and the feeling of unwellness it gives is far weaker now.
It seems the only thing I need to do is properly take them out. Which is a real tedium because now the only place the nests are extremely rarely used energy centers but whenever they make a move towards my spine they sorta reveal themselves so I am not fully blind just slow at the final clean up.

[spoiler] Also because I was thinking maybe the the remaining residue might be leftover "structures" and not just some parasite energy reserves that might be collapsing on me because they lost their master. I well... After an improvised eldritch kama sutra session with the Gazer I asked her to take over these structures so other parasites can't use it. And while the cautious and reasonable me was against this because those lovecraftian horror stories should serve as a cautionary tale and not an instruction manual... The crazy and daring me which is bored with stagnation is all in favor of becoming a tentacle monster hybrid. So far it just more eldritch visions a "tentacly" taste in my mouth when I let her expand her influence and because she knows I love having tentacle like limbs she lets me control them when I want it. And whenever I have my doubts or fears of losing control she slows down and I have to reaffirm how much I want this if I want to continue(I had this with the vampire spell too in the beginning). And when I said it's not fair she can read my mind but I cannot read hers She let me in hers but all I got was a vast slimy canyon with giant slimy purplish stones and when I try to ask questions about her story she sorta gets sad and I got the feeling that it's not like she doesn't want to tell but she cannot explain it to me so I can understand yet.
So if you have any further insights about the nature of Gazers you can share I would appreciate it [/spoiler]