Sunflower 04/03/2024 (Wed) 20:18 Id: 8e28d7 No.7102 del
>Did she have those red marks on her body? If you notice any kind of markings on the body like that pls mention it. With that it's easy to trace entities.
mmm... it was more or less like the pic i posted but the marks weren't on her legs.

>Yes. It was outside the color range therefore black until you awaken senses that can "see" in that color range. Then as I accepted it it started to become a "dark velvet purple" of sorts. And when I "breathed" in lights and other forms started to appear in the distance.
i vague recall it being somewhat purple, the time they cradle my head as i was floating in the black sea when they said
>"dont resist, just give in~ You belong to us, even in death. So just accept it and be a good girl."
when they push me deeper into the water

> You are not that easy to abuse.
i know you mentioned it before but really? i was always just assumed i was uber weaker side of the spectrum for stuff overall since im pretty weak physically as well and preferred being not being a close range like a mage. I already know i can work within the constraints and can still doing spiritwork, etc. despite having fucked circuitry but still