Sunflower 07/01/2024 (Mon) 18:44 Id: eeffb8 No.8201 del
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A group that I assume were glowies visited me last night.

I was having a dream where I was some sort of mainstream Hollywood actor but I was performing in some sort of huge circus coliseum with a large net stretched over the floor that other actors were bouncing on. I had a pretty good performance and I was happy because I did an audience request where I became Ren & Stimpy at the very end.

After the performance though, I was talking to some people and a stranger who felt out of place came up to me and said "I'd like to shake your hand." But when I reached out to shake his hand, I actually used my physical body to do this even though I was dreaming. So of course this woke me up, and I noticed that my room had an extremely eerie and unsettling feel to it. I didn't notice this until later, when it disappeared, but there was actually a very subtle green glow throughout the entire room (I guess they really do glow in the dark). It felt like someone else was in the building with me. I got up and went to the bathroom, and at this point I was wide-awake due to the unsettling feeling. After I got back to my bedroom I remembered about the guy who shook my hand, so I looked for presences in the room and there he was standing right next to my bed where I first saw him in the dream. He looked like the CIA guy from the attached comic, very clean and professional.

I asked who he was, but he just ignored me and started surveying my room with interest. After I waited a bit I asked why he was here and he immediately opened a door of some sort where other agents started coming out, walking towards the exit of my bedroom. I immediately vaporized the guy closest to the door, which seemed to shock the first handshake agent quite a bit. At this point I'm a bit peeved because it's starting to feel like a home invasion or raid rather than a friendly spirit visit, even though he got in through a friendly way. I informed him that if he wants to come into my home he needs permission, and I asked him more firmly, why are you here? And he replied "...that's top-secret." I said if you're not going to tell me then LEAVE and banished him very forcefully. I Put up some extra wards afterwards.