Sunflower 07/04/2024 (Thu) 09:40 Id: 8cc9b4 No.8209 del
Mainstream buddhism just halts all karmic movement by staying still in meditation until all energy stops, then they dimension dive and grab onto something solid in there to not fall back to the 3D. It isn't sustainable, even if they manage to do this for 1000 years. That kind of buddhism is fake (I haven't seen the connection myself but it's been implied the CCP attack on buddhist temples where statues were destroyed and temples demolished, was because those had turned into large containers for blocked karma rather than places of enlightenment).

Pure land buddhism does this right, but it's more of a sect compared, their temples and statues were left alone in WW2.

Christianity keeps referring to how Jesus will bear their sins, so they also halt the karma and place it in the religious egregore rather than solving it (classic Jewish method of blaming someone else for your own issues). If you are able to instead see yourself as the buddha or Jesus you are the one solving the karma and then you can move reliably into other dimensions, which means the macro-cosm. The micro-cosm is just inside your brain or inside small things, putting your head in the sand.

In my opinion of course.