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Anything that use electricity will become a snitch.
That's 1984 on steroid.

I would never personaly put anything related to the internet of things home. I try to limit the tech I have to the minimum.

Because we're never talking about the effect of what all of those devices can do on our body. I know that some people, talking about "electrosensibility" are seen as retards, but that's a truth that the US government has removed wifi antenna from inside classrooms and cell tower from near schools. It's not often adviced to move your phone away from your head when you sleep, to keep wifi at the opposite end from where you sleep etc...

With PLC technology (in france, they're installing new electricity meter, called Linky, that use unencrypted PLC to directly send your electricity consumption in real time, you can only imagine the privacy implication, and health implication...), with the multiplication of IoT...
There's a reason about why the billionaire are literaly techless, and why the most expensive school in the USA only use blackboard and chalk.

Stitches to snitches?