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Last 24 hours looking at the Forth programming language. /g/ had a shill thread. I wanted to see if it could be an alternative systems programming language to C.

Forth has no obvious open examples on the internet of large-scale programs. Everything I saw written in it was just an isolated page of code, used as example or in comparison to other languages. Its paradigm is stack-based programming, which x86 largely does not use---it uses registers instead. Forth was being described as using "host OSs" which I gathered meant that it relies largely on its own system and does not work for other systems.

I can't say whether it is or is not a meme, having not programmed in it, but it's not obvious that it suits my interest of operating system programming, and it's concerning that, as has been pointed out, advocates of the language cannot or do not point to actual code to prove the viability of the program---they just say what has been claimed as Forth programs, or say that it will "change how you think about programming."