Anonymous 05/12/2018 (Sat) 13:15:20 No.12712 del
Any reason to use uMatrix over noScript? I've tried uMatrix a ton of times but I just do not like the interface when compared to noScript, and they both appear to do the same thing.

I think that webbrowsers are all fubar at this point. They all have some hindrance or issue to them. Chrome and some of their forks imo, work the best in a general sense but the ability to customize them, the way their extensions work and the fact that it's got Google's finger prints all over it keep me from using them.
Do the Mozilla fork developers ever get together and have like some sort of conference or anything? Given that they've all worked on all sorts of deprecated versions of the program at some point you think they'd have a lot of collective knowledge to share with the public about how the browser works and why they do what they do.

do people really think that it would be Palemoon's fault for websites, especially modern websites, not functioning at all without JS running? Most commercial sites nowadays I just get a white screen if the top level is blocked. I don't think that's a browser issue mate.

It's good to ignore certain people I guess but the way he went about doing it doesn't seem to be the most honest thing.
>PM doesn't want to troubleshoot