betamax Board owner 02/09/2019 (Sat) 15:21:57 No.13183 del
Just a reminder that I've been the Board owner here for over a year, cleaning up spam and shilling, not a fun thing to do. I know I'm not the most creative nor talkative, let alone, even technological, just kept this place from getting taken by people with bad motives that's all. I've let my nick lapse on Rizon, I've quit going on IRC many months ago. I don't check my emails often ( but no one really needs to anyways. If LordWalrus, vitimiti, guy9000, ring (these are the previous people who were behind this board before I came along) or anyone else that wants this board who's not a proven faggot, I'm open to handing one of you to take the wheel. Of course the previous board owner and volunteers have higher priority in taking over than some random stranger. If there's no takers, well, I might just never log in some time in March so if that's the way my reign ends, then so be it, that's how I've got in to begin with.