Anonymous 04/28/2019 (Sun) 07:50:32 No.13301 del
>You'd have to be a retard to go there without some sort of proxy hopping.
Pretty much, but you still have retarded BOs trying to act otherwise.

>It could also just be some other onion channers wanting to drive 8chan piglets into onionland.
I suspect this. Plus autists who bitch about Tor not being perfect, and decide to prove their point by pissing in the pool. Like >>13291 says, funny how some people REALLY don't like it.

Are you retarded? Board gets like 1 post a day and you still can't be bothered to read posts before replying?

The fuck you on about? This has nothing to do with the thread. You want to talk about it then go make your own thread for it.