Anonymous 09/18/2019 (Wed) 08:08:37 No.13594 del
Ignoring everything to focus on the jews is an interesting approach. How does that work in... like, chemistry or math? Do you believe that covalent bonds are weakened by the jews or that the complexity of integrals are the fault of the jews? I dunno man, I'm really trying to consider objectively your approach to thinking about things, but I suspect it might have some fundamental problems associated with it.

Have you considered that there might actually be one or two things about the physical world and possibly even society that might *not* be a jewish conspiracy? If your answer to that is "no way.. it's always the jews..." I'm not going to judge or try to sway you from that perspective, I'm just floating a thought your direction that there might be some things that exist or circumstances that are that are not a jewish conspiracy. Peace.