Anonymous 09/18/2019 (Wed) 10:17:32 No.13602 del
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This is pretty sad duded... your argument is that it actually is da jooz? How does that even work in this case? Stallman is a CIS white male... so you're saying that he decided to take himself down with a bizarre written public declaration in defense of statutory rape because he's a jew and part of a jewish conspiracy or something?

I think what really happened is that you got talked into buying this enchanted object at Alex Jones' antiquities shop and it's stuck to your face now and there's nothing you can do to remove the curse. When you look at your hands, you see jewish conspiracy. When you look at the sky, it's got jewish conspiracy all over it. You can't see objective reality anymore or discern between actual shenanigans and some guy just fucking up badly. You poor bastard.