Anonymous 03/20/2020 (Fri) 21:31:08 No.14058 del
>require JavaScript to do anything remotely interesting

Except that the vast majority of web sites that "require" it don't actually need it for anything. They could easily do exactly what they're doing using nothing but HTML and POST.

This is the problem with the current generation of shitty programmers. They think that you have to use WYSIWYG HTML generators and massive Javascript libraries that pull shit from six different servers and serve no less than a megabyte per GET to paint a field and receive a response.

Very little of the web has "evolved." In many cases, what it has done is gotten fat, inefficient, unreliable, and broken. If the first thing someone thinks about is what javascript library they should use to do something, they should just stop and not inflict their idiocy on the web any more.