Anonymous 03/20/2020 (Fri) 22:24:10 No.14059 del
Okay, so then how does one create some complicated website without using JavaScript of any kind? What would the web look like if everyone kept using the standard stuff? It'd look like shit and we wouldn't have the services that we know today.

Also UI/UX is a thing, shit needs to be easy to use so that any retard can use your service. Innovation! If you own a business right now and your site looks like it hasn't been changed since 2002, would you leave a good impression?

Can we solely use HTML and POST? I agree on the fact that JS sucks but we're dependent on the damn thing. In fact, Twitter was pretty good when it was using non-proprietary JS for a good period of time.

>Very little of the web has "evolved."
Honestly, what part of the web hasn't evolved? I can sit on my lazy ass, order and pay for a pizza online and have it delivered to my house within an hour without having to stand up once. And I can thank JS for that.

I see what you mean, we should refrain from using JS as much as possible, but what can we do if we have to make complicated shit?