Anonymous 03/21/2020 (Sat) 07:13:22 No.14060 del
I already told you: standard HTML and HTTP POST. If you are desperate to make the web site look like you got a venture capitalist to spend a million dollars on it, then add some CSS and some img tags and go ahead and charge them $5000 an hour for it.

The actual functionality of pretty much any web site you care to name - amazon, ebay, itunes, certainly ANY site you would order a pizza from, go ahead and name a site that you consider too complicated to implement without javascript and I will describe to you how to implement it without javascript - can be handled with tables, the form tag, and the submit tag. If you want to display a big graphic and have different things happen depending on where someone clicks on the graphic, use HTML image maps and the aforementioned standard HTML forms.

It's like the old saw about how when someone learns how to hammer, everything becomes a nail. Javascript is used for even the most rudimentary things where it wasn't needed at all. It certainly isn't needed by anything the us census site is doing.