Anonymous 10/13/2020 (Tue) 06:17:41 No.14363 del
>to replace all these soylangs I know
>Rust or Go?
I think they're both good languages, but of all the things to call soylangs here mate...
Between the two I suspect Go would be easier than rust to learn, but I doubt you'd be getting much out of it besides Goroutines considering the languages is supposed to be simple. With rust you'll have to deal with ownership, which I found odd to deal with in c++.

Outside of those two maybe consider "mastering" one of the languages you know and delving into the more obscure features. For example I was unfamiliar with generators in python and learned about them later. As well as prototypes or the JS engine in javascript
None of the languages you listed are particularly functional either, so maybe consider learning a functional one.