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Anonymous 10/24/2020 (Sat) 16:53:16 [Preview] No. 14396
I know these OS-threads are becoming more boring over time, but I just wanted to ask you guys for advice. I have used Gentoo some time ago, 9 days to be exact, due some bad kernel-config, it broke for me and I just switched to Arch. Arch is ok, but not quite what I would like to have from an OS. Do do not have any problem with systemd, like I do not prefer it, but I am ok with it * existing * in my machine. I have tried OpenBSD once on hardware and several times in a VM. All my work on a computer is basically just done with Vim, Firefox/Icecat and some C compiler, so I do not require any special software.
1. Is it true that OpenBSD has problems with drivers? I will run it on my desktop, so that is probably not a problem at all.
2. Do you use it? Why do you use it? Why do you not use it?
3. Some important things I should know ( I will run it with dwm and st probably?
4. Can I operate it basically like some Linux system?

Anonymous 10/25/2020 (Sun) 11:51:42 [Preview] No.14401 del
OpenBSD is easier to manage than Linux, IME (and I've been using Linux since 1995 and OpenBSD a few years later). The system is tuned to be user-friendly, not idiot-friendly. Their documentation (website FAQ, man pages) are good and useful.
However, the driver support isn't as wide as Linux. On my 64-bit ARM SBC, I recently had to switch to Armbian because OpenBSD doesn't support the onboard graphics, and neither Firefox nor Chromium function properly now. I used to be able to at least run one of those over ssh -X, but starting with OpenBSD 6.7 that no longer worked, and I'm guessing it's because the newer version of those browsers bail out when they don't find a GPU (at least that's what the error messages seemed to indicate).
So anyway, try it and if your browser works, then you're good. The little stuff like dwm and st will work fine with just the sofware renderer (either wsfb or vesafb).
And if it doesn't work on your hardware, you can still try NetBSD. I haven't tried NetBSD on this board yet, but it's not clear that would help me because I've only got 2 GB RAM, and I'm pretty sure that's not enough to build Rust (dependency for Firefox). Well maybe they have packages anyway, since they cross-compile stuff (OpenBSD doesn't, they only compile directly on the target hardware). I guess I'll try it at some point.

Anonymous 10/26/2020 (Mon) 06:02:24 [Preview] No.14404 del
> have used Gentoo some time ago,
I was a long time gentoo user. However I find python, javascript, llvm and systemd unbearable and eventually cast myself adrift.

>some bad kernel-config,
Having screwed up your kernel config is a bad reason not to like gentoo though. That's a linux thing rather than what makes gentoo shit.

> Is it true that OpenBSD has problems with drivers
With openbsd (or freebsd) you might have to make some goofy choices to get wifi running on your laptop.
I can't remember where CPU threading is at, or what is happening with graphics cards. I would make sure that your needs are met with the current state of things, because just waiting is going to be a less reliable strategy for ever getting drivers. OpenCL is never going to happen (the trick is, not wanting it to.).

> systemd, like I do not prefer it, but I am ok with it * existing * in my machine
You don't want systemd existing in your machine. Or pulseaudio or anything like that. It's not that it's uncool to use, it's that the windows model of operating systems, including stuff like privilege escalation, and everything else, is not good. Not good meaning very bad. Extremely aggressive promotion of something like systemd should strike you as powerfully glowy.

> 3. Some important things I should know ( I will run it with dwm and st probably?
Not having decadent package management does suck.

I like fvwm rather than dwm. OpenBSD's stock fvwm needs your own customisation to be better though. I'm not really big on suckless. Change my mind.

4. Can I operate it basically like some Linux system?
No, it's not linux. It's probably slower, it doesn't get vendor support for drivers and for example you don't have linux containers.

There is a BSD libc. Things are a bit different.

You are less likely to be being hacked.

I didn't check but I don't think OpenBSD signed a blood covenant with transvestites, so that's kind of an up.

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