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Buffer overflow

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Take precautions against secret usb implants Anonymous 08/13/2022 (Sat) 08:16 [Preview] No. 15098
I am using Linux operating system.

My computer is not connected to the internet , I formatted it and changed the bios firmware and hard disk firmware. However, the program opens by itself, the mouse cursor moves by itself, and sometimes the system's default audio service is turned off.

When I examine it with the Wireshark program, an interrupt signal comes from the usb ports, even though there is no device plugged into the usb ports. The interrupt signal comes from linux's default idle hardware.
I have a hidden implant in my computer that looks like the NSA ANT COTTONMOUTH tool.
Wireshark logs https://easyupload.io/eqrfr6

This hidden usb implant can easily bypass all antivirus and security software by introducing itself as a hidden system process by overflowing the kernel, regardless of linux or windows operating system, during computer startup.

On computers that cannot exceed the kernel security, it introduces itself as a different hardware and takes over the control of the system via memory buffer overflow by overloading the interrupt. No antivirus and security software can detect this situation.

This hidden usb implant is not simple usb keyboard like ruber ducky and usb ninja. For this reason, do not recommend simple and useless scripts such as "usb guard". This implant is an advanced usb spying implant similar to NSA COTTONMOUTH.

My request from the linux community is to develop a security module for the linux operating system against hidden usb implants.

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