Suomi 10/12/2021 (Tue) 01:26:37 Id: 8032d4 No.151246 del
... our lockdowns -- they have been very severe at longer and more severe in Victoria and in Melbourne our second largest city i think than anywhere apart from in Brazil of all things, and I'm concerned about the balances that have emerged.

I'm concerned about the misinformation about the lack of ability for the australian people to think through. Clearly they started out trusting governments and medical authorities that trust has been badly damaged. There's now an acceptance we can't go on like this.

So I have to say in the end i am optimistic i think that our institutions will survive this. The Australian people will say this is enough we've got to come back to a pragmatic middle ground where the governments will give back everything they should. ...

One thing you must note about Australia ... is that we have clearly chosen the democracy and freedom in the face of an attempt by an authoritarian China to say bow your knees to our authoritarian regime and way of life.