(11.25 KB 150x200 150342150973s.jpg)
Anonymous 08/22/2017 (Tue) 20:07:43 [Preview] No. 22492 [Reply]

Anonymous 08/15/2017 (Tue) 10:19:30 [Preview] No. 22424 [Reply]
Why don't Japs confess face to face? Are they too afraid of the shame of causing someone to have to reject them in person?

Anonymous 08/16/2017 (Wed) 03:36:30 [Preview] No. 22429 del
When I was in highschool I confessed through msn messenger.
It didn't go well.

‮YROTIRAT WEN OT DETACOLER GNIEB YLTNERUC ‮『GꞦṴPꞤÜⱮꞦØÐ』 08/22/2017 (Tue) 09:05:54 [Preview] No. 22489 del
(2.11 MB 643x857 AM::SHOT::ONE.png)


SEKAI NO HEIWA Anonymous 08/02/2017 (Wed) 11:51:27 [Preview] No. 22310 [Reply]
SEKAI NO HEIWA[autism][/autism]

Anonymous 08/02/2017 (Wed) 15:47:17 [Preview] No. 22312 del
Kizuna is best girl.
>ywn dance with kizuna in your own home disco
why live

Anonymous 08/19/2017 (Sat) 14:55:39 [Preview] No. 22452 del
"it is not appropriate to say in breakfast, it is happiness that watch you when it seems to be hard."

Anonymous 08/19/2017 (Sat) 19:07:05 [Preview] No. 22453 del

Anonymous 08/21/2017 (Mon) 08:31:29 [Preview] No. 22466 del
(36.28 KB 278x278 1376838827658.jpg)

┏͜‮‮⨗‮‭┓⃝͡͝‭‮┏͜┓⃝͡͝⨗‭┛͚‮ㄖ̸͢͞。 ┏͜‮‮ㄖ̸͢͞ㄖ̸͢͞‭┓⃝͡͝‭⨗‭┛͚‮。 08/22/2017 (Tue) 08:22:32 [Preview] No. 22488 del

Anonymous 08/22/2017 (Tue) 05:29:52 [Preview] No. 22484 [Reply]
so why can post on /AM/ when it's PM in Japan?

‮ 『  ‮ 《 ϝ Ⱳ ℯ Ⱳ 》  ∞ η Σ Ꝓ Ꙩ 』 08/22/2017 (Tue) 07:57:54 [Preview] No. 22487 del

(67.64 KB 1024x1024 dagashi kashi.jpg)
(93.46 KB 1280x720 sakura quest.jpg)
Slice of Life? Anonymous 07/22/2017 (Sat) 00:24:35 [Preview] No. 21803 [Reply]
I dont understand something.
I get that people watch slice of life anime because it's comfortable and funny and relaxing, but why do people watch anime with characters that have average jobs and struggle to make the most out of their shitty life?
Don't people watch anime to escape this exact feeling?

Take the pics related 2 animes. One is about a girl working as a tourism agent, another is about a girl working in a sweets shop. There was another anime about some guy working at a mcdonalds ("wcdonalds").
Why? What's the appeal?
>look at those average people having shitty jobs and engaging in average activities
<oh wait that's me
<oh wait that's everybody
>that was fun
13 posts and 5 images omitted.

07/27/2017 (Thu) 08:39:17 [Preview] No. 22241 del
(1.22 MB 1920x1080 shot0005.png)

im cute grill; wahtc me!!!!

Anonymous 07/27/2017 (Thu) 16:47:58 [Preview] No. 22242 del
Usually to make it easier to relate, all the more better when their anime counterpart has some big tittied anime girl to interact with (whether it be a coworker, boss, imouto or neighbor).

Then you have the ones that offer no escapism like NHK and are more for critical self-assessment, or more accurately intensifying one's depression.

Anonymous 08/22/2017 (Tue) 01:17:21 [Preview] No. 22482 del
Its time for a slice of death!

Anonymous 08/22/2017 (Tue) 05:35:06 [Preview] No. 22485 del
I just like to jack off to cute girls
Genre ultimately does not matter.

HAVE U EVER BEN PAYD {{}{}${}{} 2 FK OFF? ::VICTOREY:: ‮YEK MA EHT UOY 08/22/2017 (Tue) 07:37:45 [Preview] No. 22486 del

(2.78 MB 820x7983 bainbul drud xddd.png)
Anonymous 08/20/2017 (Sun) 14:41:47 [Preview] No. 22459 [Reply]
Time to get cured, nerds!

Anonymous 08/21/2017 (Mon) 23:38:45 [Preview] No. 22481 del
(129.33 KB 1366x768 hamhamnanawo.jpg)
jokes on them i dont even watch anime

(17.73 KB 275x274 1419936569438.jpg)
Anonymous 08/07/2017 (Mon) 07:59:45 [Preview] No. 22342 [Reply]
I don't even know you guys anymore.
7 posts and 5 images omitted.

Anonymous 08/09/2017 (Wed) 01:31:35 [Preview] No. 22384 del
tbh i don't know me

Anonymous 08/09/2017 (Wed) 05:12:09 [Preview] No. 22385 del
(130.68 KB 1280x720 iSmiyAL.jpg)
I didn't know I mattered that much to you, sumanai.

Anonymous 08/12/2017 (Sat) 11:51:46 [Preview] No. 22420 del
fuck her right in the pussy

Anonymous 08/21/2017 (Mon) 20:12:36 [Preview] No. 22479 del
(81.91 KB 429x377 1706.jpg)
I don't even know myself anymore.

Anonymous 08/22/2017 (Tue) 05:14:25 [Preview] No. 22483 del
well, I should read the full thread before posting next time
though it's kind of liberating to see that I still make my posts even if I'm not around

Anonymous 07/23/2017 (Sun) 17:13:33 [Preview] No. 21998 [Reply]
>autist mod deletes a single thread that you can just remake immediately
>not okay
>autist user deletes every thread that you can keep by bumping each for hours or remaking every single one from scratch
>perfectly acceptable

sweet let's all get cucked ten times harder by not being cucked

mods are scary waaah
2 posts and 2 images omitted.

Anonymous 07/24/2017 (Mon) 19:03:39 [Preview] No. 22014 del
(319.89 KB 600x560 1349628544705.png)
It's well known that those who defend spam in the name of free speech are jew shills bent on destroying every freeposting altchan with spam, with the ultimate goal of killing free speech on the internet.

>"you said your board was free and without rules! You don't want to be rulecucks like those cucks on 4chan/8chan, do you? allow spam now!"
>"y-yes my jew masters, we will allow spam, for we're not rulecucks!"
>"good goy, now enjoy all this spam"

On the other hand /am/ and /AM/ have survived board wiping spam so many times I've lost count, most of the times it results in a rise in activity afterwards even, so it doesn't matter at this point tbh.

‮ ‮‭"℘ϴꙄϮIƝꞡ @ Λℳ ϢiꝆꝆ [₫◉-iꞩ] ϢꝊϢ! ‮‭℘ℛÅSℯ▲ƉƱG!!!" 07/25/2017 (Tue) 03:52:08 [Preview] No. 22019 del
(327.35 KB 720x540 insectdog.png)


Anonymous 07/25/2017 (Tue) 08:25:59 [Preview] No. 22026 del
(93.76 KB 210x259 mfw.png)
>spam results in a rise in activity
>spam is a jewish shill operation
You might be the jew here tbh.

Anonymous 07/26/2017 (Wed) 13:40:04 [Preview] No. 22226 del

Anonymous 08/21/2017 (Mon) 19:44:58 [Preview] No. 22478 del
(453.49 KB 1280x720 empty_board.jpg)
[muffled reminder about an non quality discriminating option of hard thread per hour cap in the distance]

(1.27 MB 2000x1414 4140.jpg)
Anonymous 08/07/2017 (Mon) 21:37:08 [Preview] No. 22357 [Reply]

Have you nerds played this?
It's a great "game" (visual novel), and all the character names are in Japanese, which makes it anime.

Which girl did you waifu up pursue a relationship with? Did you get best ending, or did you fuck it up?
21 posts and 14 images omitted.

Anonymous 08/11/2017 (Fri) 08:34:04 [Preview] No. 22412 del

Anonymous 08/11/2017 (Fri) 08:50:14 [Preview] No. 22413 del
(49.53 KB 500x500 590-x_b1afca63.jpg)
I came to this thread while trying to take a shit and it cured my constipation, thanks /AM/!

Anonymous 08/11/2017 (Fri) 09:05:20 [Preview] No. 22414 del
>[autims]mfw this thread[/autism]
Thats more like it.

Anonymous 08/11/2017 (Fri) 09:53:18 [Preview] No. 22415 del
(85.66 KB 800x706 189.jpg)
(82.14 KB 913x1000 192.jpg)
(352.91 KB 698x617 3824.png)
(524.09 KB 800x1204 4300.png)
(548.32 KB 1319x2000 4356.jpg)

Tezuka Rin what a strange fellow you are,
Walking is no problem but you'll never drive a car,
You're no threat to me so can I punch you in the face?,
Haha, can't punch me back, you're a total disgrace.

Love her, we love her,
Even though she has no arms at all,
Love her, we love her,
Even though she has no arms.

Tezuka Rin do you cry yourself to sleep?
You're no good to anyone - as stupid as a sheep,
I don't feel sorry for you, no, not at all,
Only when you trip up and theres nothing to break your fall.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

Anonymous 08/21/2017 (Mon) 19:32:35 [Preview] No. 22477 del
If Hanako were a woofer she'd be the best woofer.

(522.48 KB 1152x1408 fakku monster.png)
Anonymous 07/31/2017 (Mon) 09:16:36 [Preview] No. 22301 [Reply]
Does anyone here actually pay monsters for cartoon porn?
1 post and 1 image omitted.

Anonymous 07/31/2017 (Mon) 10:08:43 [Preview] No. 22303 del
Nah, fuck that Jew. I download every illegal Fakku hmanga I see when I can.

‮ ⁅ℳ⋀⁆ ϕႵ Σⴌʈ₳ϝ ⴗФჄ ‮ョϾℹƮ/ℳḀ/ℛⱣ ‮◣◢◤◥ ℂββ ◣◢◤◥ 08/01/2017 (Tue) 08:13:50 [Preview] No. 22308 del
(14.36 MB 1280x720 genyus.webm)

Anonymous 08/02/2017 (Wed) 15:49:59 [Preview] No. 22313 del
>censored genitals
>lame dialogue

Anonymous 08/02/2017 (Wed) 22:52:21 [Preview] No. 22314 del
(738.06 KB 568x816 clown pill.png)

Anonymous 08/21/2017 (Mon) 19:00:44 [Preview] No. 22476 del
(274.09 KB 720x720 1454064173174.png)
Nah but I did however invest loads of my savings elsewhere and I advise you all to do the same.
Currency that doesn't flow only looses it's value. That's cummers basics.

(664.24 KB 1600x350 contest_header.png)
Anonymous 08/21/2017 (Mon) 18:29:58 [Preview] No. 22467 [Reply]
Look, a contest of LN (anime but just with words) grills in bikini started here : http://www.fujimishobo.co.jp/sp/fantasia2017/contest.php
3 posts and 15 images omitted.

Anonymous 08/21/2017 (Mon) 18:39:52 [Preview] No. 22471 del

Anonymous 08/21/2017 (Mon) 18:47:20 [Preview] No. 22472 del

Anonymous 08/21/2017 (Mon) 18:48:56 [Preview] No. 22473 del

Anonymous 08/21/2017 (Mon) 18:51:09 [Preview] No. 22474 del
There ez

Anonymous 08/21/2017 (Mon) 18:52:36 [Preview] No. 22475 del

(581.55 KB 469x200 angry.gif)
Anonymous 08/21/2017 (Mon) 08:24:38 [Preview] No. 22465 [Reply]
What the fuck is the flood timer for TOR on /AM/? 10 minutes???
Also when are you going to delete the CP?

Anonymous 08/16/2017 (Wed) 12:09:58 [Preview] No. 22431 [Reply]
>that feeling when an obscure chilllout anime from 2003 gets a new season.
3 posts and 1 image omitted.

Anonymous 08/16/2017 (Wed) 15:44:38 [Preview] No. 22435 del
And I'm a little bit bitter about Last Exile 2: Wings of Moeeeeee.

Anonymous 08/16/2017 (Wed) 15:46:54 [Preview] No. 22436 del
(35.10 MB 838x478 kino op.webm)

Anonymous 08/17/2017 (Thu) 18:38:26 [Preview] No. 22441 del
Shit, Kino no Tabi's getting a new season? Would be great if it was done by SHAFT again.

Thank you /AM/ for keeping me up to date with the latest anime news.

Anonymous 08/17/2017 (Thu) 19:58:02 [Preview] No. 22443 del
It's done by Lerche, which is under Lark that I know the name of but don't have much of a clue what they have ever done. Lerche subsidiary itself has almost nothing under its belt, but its currently airing Welcome to Supreme Classroom. By that example the studio style is almost like anti-SHAFT, not at all avant garde and generally stable production quality.

t. insane guy who knows this shit by heart and writes it down but won't bother googling for anything more

Anonymous 08/21/2017 (Mon) 08:19:57 [Preview] No. 22464 del
(35.05 KB 278x278 1419190903157.jpg)

(1.57 MB 2176x3056 wewf.jpg)
wewf Anonymous 07/29/2017 (Sat) 13:57:39 [Preview] No. 22276 [Reply]
Channeling energy for animated wewf thread.
3 posts and 3 images omitted.

Anonymous 08/08/2017 (Tue) 21:16:48 [Preview] No. 22381 del
(158.24 KB 1280x720 mpv-shot0142.jpg)
More doge energy.

Anonymous 08/08/2017 (Tue) 21:27:21 [Preview] No. 22382 del
(148.77 KB 1366x768 doggod.jpg)

Anonymous 08/13/2017 (Sun) 05:01:20 [Preview] No. 22421 del
(168.51 KB 538x677 1450423369418.jpg)
I need the original

Anonymous 08/21/2017 (Mon) 08:17:40 [Preview] No. 22463 del
(35.05 KB 278x278 1419190903157.jpg)

Anonymous 04/25/2017 (Tue) 02:47:41 [Preview] No. 19833 [Reply]
Ai-Mai-Mii must be available on /AM/ in its entirety at all times.
157 posts and 96 images omitted.

Anonymous 08/19/2017 (Sat) 21:17:31 [Preview] No. 22454 del

Anonymous 08/20/2017 (Sun) 01:47:02 [Preview] No. 22456 del
(37.87 MB 1280x720 [Commie]Teekyu102.webm)
If you insist, cycling for you.

Anonymous 08/20/2017 (Sun) 12:05:29 [Preview] No. 22457 del

Anonymous 08/20/2017 (Sun) 15:16:05 [Preview] No. 22460 del
Thank you anon, I cannot watch my Teekyuus unless it's posted on /AM/.

Anonymous 08/21/2017 (Mon) 08:12:15 [Preview] No. 22462 del
(35.05 KB 278x278 1419190903157.jpg)

Why aren't you watching AOTY yet? Anonymous 07/27/2017 (Thu) 22:03:13 [Preview] No. 22248 [Reply]
It's pure adventurekino, and comes with a great soundtrack and amazing visuals.
16 posts and 17 images omitted.

Anonymous 08/05/2017 (Sat) 13:05:02 [Preview] No. 22334 del
This looks almost exactly like what I've been wanting a sequel to Ice Climbers to look like for years now.

Anonymous 08/05/2017 (Sat) 13:29:52 [Preview] No. 22335 del
It's not terribly relevant but incidentally my rewrite of the story would have had a very similar looking fantasy setting about reaching the center of various planets, only with reversed gravity so they would be ascending. Otherwise it's just Catherine mixed with Umihara Kawase, but you play Ice Climbers from melee and there's a gimmick about switching between the two characters and their limited equip loadout. Like both can carry two Zelda items or something.

Anonymous 08/07/2017 (Mon) 14:41:42 [Preview] No. 22351 del
(174.81 KB 552x833 CLUMB.jpg)
ha ha what a sperglord
fucking fag

Anonymous 08/16/2017 (Wed) 20:05:50 [Preview] No. 22438 del
HAH! I do this thing where I watch some select shows only every 10 days, so that I have good episodes to fall back on when things get fucked out of order. And they said I'm crazy! They said it's best to watch everything as soon as they come out...
<I only just now learned that Shoukoku No Altair has been on a two week hiatus
<people have had to bite their tongue the last 3 weeks with no new episodes while I rationed them out

A new episode only comes out in a few more days but I've got an entire episode still left to watch until it gets distributed and back on schedule!

Anonymous 08/21/2017 (Mon) 08:00:56 [Preview] No. 22461 del
(35.05 KB 278x278 1419190903157.jpg)

Anonymous 08/18/2017 (Fri) 12:32:30 [Preview] No. 22444 [Reply]
Hey /AM/ ! How to autist?
1 post and 1 image omitted.

Anonymous 08/18/2017 (Fri) 14:13:57 [Preview] No. 22446 del
I need autism not feminism

Anonymous 08/18/2017 (Fri) 14:14:47 [Preview] No. 22447 del
I need autism not feminism

‮ syad laretil xis[[[[[[[[oeg]] ‮◣◢◤◥ ββℂ ◣◢◤◥ 08/19/2017 (Sat) 07:41:08 [Preview] No. 22451 del
(210.21 KB 570x806 use 'IT'.jpg)

Anonymous 08/20/2017 (Sun) 14:18:32 [Preview] No. 22458 del
(2.10 MB 2008x9999 a autism.jpg)
In this matter I can offer my advice, young padawautist.
You shall need to focus on one thing and one thing only obsessively for as long as it takes; some of the master autists (blue and white belt carriers) can do it for hours. Throughout your journey you must exclude social interaction and non-verbal communication. When social interaction is imposed upon you, be sure to fail at it.

One way to start it is by getting a waifu. The next step would be to spam her and defend her at every opportunity. Your replies must be identical in nature (no more than 3-4 different replies) and repeated ad nauseam, no matter what. You stick to it.

Examples: pic related and see https://8ch.net/cow/res/264309.html

Also sweet trips.

(423.64 KB 2304x1536 laihiala.jpg)
(70.32 KB 716x960 21448906_uu.jpg)
(89.21 KB 400x275 sentenced3.jpg)
Knight's & Magic thread Anonymous 07/08/2017 (Sat) 19:30:29 [Preview] No. 21418 [Reply]
spurdo spärdö :DDDDDDDD
Laihia confirmed the most exotic
Eromanga can go fuck them shelves :^)))))
9 posts and 13 images omitted.

Anonymous 07/23/2017 (Sun) 16:47:41 [Preview] No. 21997 del

Anonymous 07/25/2017 (Tue) 13:53:50 [Preview] No. 22027 del
(188.61 KB 1366x768 overweight_rowboat.jpg)

Anonymous 07/26/2017 (Wed) 13:43:03 [Preview] No. 22228 del

Anonymous 08/18/2017 (Fri) 17:44:11 [Preview] No. 22448 del
(22.44 KB 285x340 1492563129248.jpg)
(191.64 KB 677x889 tarnyesti.jpg)

Anonymous 08/18/2017 (Fri) 23:37:04 [Preview] No. 22449 del
(11.08 MB 480x360 heathcliffe.webm)
you don't deserve to post that orange cat, you didn't fight in the 80s cartoon wars

(172.35 KB 800x1016 dddđ.jpg)
Anonymous 08/17/2017 (Thu) 19:43:21 [Preview] No. 22442 [Reply]
Thanks you every

(383.01 KB 918x683 jiisan.jpg)
Anonymous 08/11/2017 (Fri) 22:07:47 [Preview] No. 22419 [Reply]
He is back.

Anonymous 08/17/2017 (Thu) 02:23:20 [Preview] No. 22439 del
I've been waiting for the grand reopening

Anonymous 08/16/2017 (Wed) 07:17:41 [Preview] No. 22430 [Reply]

h t t p : / / b a b e k i d s . t k

h t t p : / / c h i l d l o v e . t k

link no space !!!

(506.34 KB 1000x1000 63180561_p2.png)
Anonymous 08/15/2017 (Tue) 03:40:45 [Preview] No. 22423 [Reply]
I'll have a great post prepared for next week, look forward to it!

Anonymous 08/15/2017 (Tue) 13:54:17 [Preview] No. 22425 del
What's the point? /AM/ is dead anyway.

Anonymous 08/15/2017 (Tue) 17:26:14 [Preview] No. 22426 del
(36.60 KB 640x480 terryMAH01782.jpg)
Now introducing ONE THREAD PER WEEK™ (patent pending) Registered patent to /AM/ Corp.®
Contact us at yourwaifuishit@national.shitposting.agency

Endchan® All rights reserved.

Anonymous 08/15/2017 (Tue) 18:03:14 [Preview] No. 22427 del

Drummers of the world unite against shitposting? imo anime is best without tits, like for example Lone Wolf and Cub, oh wait that's illustration, not anime. Man you are so right, anime is garbage. But rainbows, hey God gave us them.

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I am looking concentrate on for your next-door post, I will attempt to get the hang of it.

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