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>>/ggrevolt/16508 >>16500 >>16507 >>16500 >QuQu is just living out a fantasy online and is as straight as them come. >Having a gay fantasy >being
>>/AM/18967 I don't think art's value is determined by its use as propaganda, and I don't like this modern perception I see floating around
>>/AM/18966 >>18965 >typos n-now nobody is going to fall for my memes!
>>/kc/4153 >2 weeks plebjobs [spoiler]t. 9 months
>>/AM/18965 For the last few years there's been quite a lot of propagandanime: series that are set on a premise clearly meant to teach the v
>>/kc/4152 >>4011 Try to not worry. When I quite my job I was worrying to much that I didn't eat and sleep for 3 days and nights. Horrible
>>/kc/4151 oh wow uki not UKie lets impregnate her first diskus laetr
>>/kc/4150 I'm okay with the gays though I haven't seen many gays in real life.
>>/kc/4149 kc is looking nice now. Thanks to all of you, Bernds.
>>/ggrevolt/16507 >>16505 Uh, no. What I was trying to say is that people who are homophobic, who keep saying they are evil degenerates against go

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