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>>/librejp/103387 発狂長文を 全部読んでもらえると思っている その勘違いに一発チャモ
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>>/sp/153184 >>153158 >don't developed anything for thousands of years >not a sign of stupidity
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>>/kc/12088 Oh and I think these are the best traits: - Brave - Fearless - Iron Lungs - Strong Of course starting skills are matter too.
>>/sp/153181 >>153176 >>153176 and I can never find my top 18 pic when I need it
>>/kc/12087 Have some names: Bernard the Feeler Larry Sea Hans the Lonely Pedro the Padre Don Coyote Pepe Ronny Gerald of Rapeia
>>/sp/153180 >>153178 wew

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