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>>/sp/226973 Bawshton scaars
>>/sp/226972 >>226966 same as last year minus pineda and garcia full season of gray young monty and sevy building on last year and maybe cha
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>>/pone/829 >>826 >Her empathy powers apparetnly allows her to feel and have some degree of control of other people's emotions. This is inte
>>/sp/226970 >>226952 1. Sevy could be a black Justin Verlander/Noah Syndergaard if he stays healthy, but its a real risk (see: Syndergaard).
>>/sp/226969 >>226966 Sevy is gud but time will tell if that nip is truly elite. They have a hard time pitching against beg streng americans
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>>/sp/226967 >>226865 wew
>>/sp/226966 yankees have any pitching this year?
>>/sp/226965 >>226962

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