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>estas foram as ultimas palavras de Armadurafag

First off, this thread will stay up untill the end of best time schedule. I don't want to keep posting in high movement time, exposing myself like this.
I have bad news.
No, i will still do what i promised.
The bad news is that, i will no longer be writting my manifesto.
1. I don't think it will make a difference. We're basically living in the trial scene, of the movie Idiocracy.
Media would sell my image as a radical, crazy terrorist, and the sheeple would buy it and would never read my manifesto, not that they have the brain power to understand it the right way.
2.I don't care. Media can talk what they want, the sheeple can thiink what they want, and the leftists can use ot as rage fuel, i don't care anymore, fuck it.
Talk what you want, i will have what i want the way i want, weether it be a fair life or eternal peace.
3. I don't believe in change through talk, chit-chat, argumentation and democracy.
The world has been living in democracy in over 80 years, and meanwhle nothing has change.. (((The same))) are still in power, the agenda is still the same as it was in the beginning, we keep living as sheeple, in degeberacy, subversion.
I believe in change through actions.
I mean, if i want them to stop sabotaging us with disruptive endocrines, i go to the factory and blow it up, or i kill the owner of the factory that prduces the food or cosmétics. If we want shit woman to no longer be free and degenerates, to no longer destry society, we have to g to the streets and we kill them, rape theem, rip-off their heads, and display it in pubic sqaure to make an example out of them.. If you don't want Jews no longer controlling Brazil, we kill the president, we close the Senate and the Chanbers, we kill all globalists jews, we close down the central bank.
Nothing will change if we only post memes, vote Bolsonaro, ban shill, and try to redpill the next generation sheeple. NTHING WILL CHANGE, NOTHING HAS CHANGE.
We can elect Bolsonaro, even Trrump and whoever you want. But in the end you know (((who))) will be in charge.
If we want something to change, we have to make it happen with our bare hands, and not wait for someone else (government, politicians, some miraculous saviour…), to do it.

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