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Hitler Anão 12/27/2022 (Tue) 21:53 [Preview] No. 278

Anão 01/14/2023 (Sat) 03:27 [Preview] No.281 del
>estas foram as ultimas palavras de Armadurafag

First off, this thread will stay up untill the end of best time schedule. I don't want to keep posting in high movement time, exposing myself like this.
I have bad news.
No, i will still do what i promised.
The bad news is that, i will no longer be writting my manifesto.
1. I don't think it will make a difference. We're basically living in the trial scene, of the movie Idiocracy.
Media would sell my image as a radical, crazy terrorist, and the sheeple would buy it and would never read my manifesto, not that they have the brain power to understand it the right way.
2.I don't care. Media can talk what they want, the sheeple can thiink what they want, and the leftists can use ot as rage fuel, i don't care anymore, fuck it.
Talk what you want, i will have what i want the way i want, weether it be a fair life or eternal peace.
3. I don't believe in change through talk, chit-chat, argumentation and democracy.
The world has been living in democracy in over 80 years, and meanwhle nothing has change.. (((The same))) are still in power, the agenda is still the same as it was in the beginning, we keep living as sheeple, in degeberacy, subversion.
I believe in change through actions.
I mean, if i want them to stop sabotaging us with disruptive endocrines, i go to the factory and blow it up, or i kill the owner of the factory that prduces the food or cosmétics. If we want shit woman to no longer be free and degenerates, to no longer destry society, we have to g to the streets and we kill them, rape theem, rip-off their heads, and display it in pubic sqaure to make an example out of them.. If you don't want Jews no longer controlling Brazil, we kill the president, we close the Senate and the Chanbers, we kill all globalists jews, we close down the central bank.
Nothing will change if we only post memes, vote Bolsonaro, ban shill, and try to redpill the next generation sheeple. NTHING WILL CHANGE, NOTHING HAS CHANGE.
We can elect Bolsonaro, even Trrump and whoever you want. But in the end you know (((who))) will be in charge.
If we want something to change, we have to make it happen with our bare hands, and not wait for someone else (government, politicians, some miraculous saviour…), to do it.
All the big changes through-out history that really made the difference, have been made with blood and war, not with chit-chat and democracy

Anão 01/14/2023 (Sat) 03:28 [Preview] No.282 del

Bolchevick revolution
Nacional-Socialist government in Germany~
French Revolution
American Civil War
The cast out from the colonies and British control of America.
The Cruzades to show those sandnggers that we also knew how to destroy and that should stay way from Europe.
And all the great degeneracies and destructions happened by omissão of those whose blood should have been spilled.
Imigration in Europe
Passivism from men
Hormonal sabotage
Brain washing
Destruction of values, traditions, identity and nacional ideal, individualism.
I don't have to keep going, everyone here is aware of the same evil in the world.
So, let Globo(tv station) waiting, calling me a terrorist. Let the lefties say wat they want. Hell, they would still do it anyway, they would push forward the judeo-globalist agenda in the same way, i am the excuse to make that happen a little bit earlier. There is no stopping them with arguments, only with explosions and gunshots.
If you want to change anything, learn to let the fleme of hatred inside of you beat your fear and the passiveness. Hatred is the strongest feeling there is, strnger than lovw, fear, insecurity, sadness… Only hatred has the power to make you change or creatt anyting for real.
Why being affraid to lose your live= What value will be lost? Why do you instintcvely feel the need to keep existing, if you will never have a dignifying life, if you only will go through injustice and suffereing, if the wrld will keep degeneraring and you will still live in it? Why? Don't think about death as something bad, like eternal suffering… Pain nly lasts fora few minutes before you die and its nothing compared to eteranl peace that will have from all this destruction and degeneracy, it will be over quickly, yu wn't even remember, dear anon.
I want you to kill, rape, destry, spread the chaos. Don't worry about argueing or trying to convince the sheeple or anyone, just do iit, just channel the hatte into actions, because the least that it will do is givig you a little bit of justice and happinnes before you die. Finally you would have whatever you wanted, just by the fact that you wwanted it, just for a couple hours, but beter than never having it at all, wich would be your case.
As for the manifesto, im willing to let you finish it, if you still care.
If you actually finnish it, as a project, im willing to put the tutorial on armour and explosives, that's the least i can do.
Finally you will make your voice heard, dear anon.

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