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>>/yuri/66723 >>66721 If I have something to say, I'll say it.
>>/yuri/66722 >>66718 I hope it keeps the fun up. >>66720 I don't get this pairing, even as far as /u/fag delusions go.
>>/ausneets/127204 >>127202 Technically that rust is a salt
>>/ausneets/127203 >>127201 >still I'm a bit of a mong this morning.
>>/ausneets/127202 The salt shakers lid is a bit rusty and sometimes specks of rust come out with the salt.
>>/yuri/66721 >>66719 You can a lot of things. no one is stopping you.
>>/ausneets/127201 I still a NEETs ass.
>>/yuri/66720 >>66717 Speaking of knife and stabbing someone.
>>/ausneets/127200 People are stealing my arse
>>/ausneets/127199 >>127194 Wouldn't want to put your supermarket frozens in that boot compartment next to the engine.

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