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>>/bb/2853 >>2852 -> >>2245 Лень новые фотки делать. Уже после харвеста запилю пост с фотоотчетом, задно посмотрим сколько по весу получ
>>/librejp/154333 >>154283 ボードゲームし?
>>/rapport/4541 >>4539 That takes up too much room imo. Though I do have a mini fridge :3 >>4540 hot
>>/librejp/154332 女体化するならちゃんと特徴を押さえて欲しいぜ
>>/librejp/154331 この話しはやめよう
>>/rapport/4540 >>4539 I just follow a routine of having a movie or a couple of shows during dinner with the family. Probably wouldn't watch it
>>/rapport/4539 stuck cotton from cootton swab in my ear spent 20 minutes removing it damn my life is interesting >>4537 there are better ways
>>/rapport/4538 >>4536 Thanks. I'm currently drinking some weird ass energy drink and am gonna go do some shit in the garage aka MY MAN CAVE >>
>>/rapport/4537 Gun watch new MIB today. Hopes are low, I hope they at least didn't made Tessa Thompson act like a uppity cunt again.
>>/rapport/4536 >>4534 https://www.instagram.com/inyourdre4mz/?hl=fr whatzup? >>4535 damn still for viking? so weird seeing her still relevant
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