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>>/b/20442 Thanks for the cool Solaire gif
>>/b/20441 >>20435 >salon.com But protestants are shit, so I'll believe it.
>>/news/14493 >>14492 Putin is allied with Russian jewish oligarchs. Serving Russia doesn't stop him from being soft towards Israel. (I speak
>>/librejp/146849 なぜかアニメ扱いされてるけど
>>/pol/71542 I for one don't despise Christianity. I'm not an active follower, but I never feel the need to brow-beat Christians over followi
>>/librejp/146848 子供用の歯磨き粉ならチョコとかイチゴとかあるよね
>>/pol/71541 >>71537 Good for them for having Senator Fraser. I've spoken to a few Aussies. Those I did talk to were always "anti-racist" cuc
>>/pol/71540 >>71158 Agree with the aspects of motivation. Video attached helped me despite how simple it seems.
>>/rapport/1426 poor little russian girl >>1424 there was a fun VS thread earlier on tv it was full of boomers fantasizing about angels from 20
>>/pol/71539 >>71535 I have a day job too. Salaried. Some days it's 6 hours, some days it's 4. I only feel the need to check on this board a
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