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Q: What is Endchan?
A: Endchan is an anonymous imageboard based on LynxChan, an engine designed to be resource-light and easier to scale than older engines such as vichan. On Endchan, any user may register and moderate their own board. Endchan also features staggeringly high file size limits, overboard, multiboard, and a staff roster that doesn't suck.

Q: Who operates Endchan?
A: Endchan is operated by:

Q: Where is Endchan hosted?
A: Endchan his hosted as a VPS in Las Vegas Nevada

Q: But then [insert agency here] can get in! Why don't you host in [data haven]?
A: First, any agency that could "get in" from the data center in the USA will almost certainly have the means to "get in" from just about anywhere if sufficiently determined; it's a moot point. Second, all the staff live in the United States, so having servers elsewhere would result in the site being subject to two sets of laws. That can lead to horrendous issues if something causes legal trouble in the other country.
While things aren't exactly getting better, for the time being hosting in the United States is simply good enough (as evidenced by the free-speech-friendly websites that are still around despite the occasional molestation attempt by law enforcement) and unless someone can provide the million dollars or so necessary for us to drop everything and start a new life in a data haven like Iceland the situation is unlikely to change.

Q: Can you post on Endchan via an anonymizer?
A: Yes. There is a Tor hidden service, you can get the onion addresses on the front page. And there is also an Lokinet address.

Q: Doesn't Tor/I2P/Lokinet cause CP and spam?
A: This is a lie. Tor and I2P are actually terrible for spamming because they're extremely slow. In our personal experience with board moderation 99.9% of all CP spam comes from non-Tor/I2P/Lokinet IP addresses, most likely the endpoints of VPNs that allow anonymous payment such as PIA. Also, spam can be blocked by the engine and deleted by mods just fine, so there's no need to block services that protects posters' privacy and anonymity just because of spam.

Q: I tried to make a new thread and I got a 404. What's going on?
A: Refresh the page. LynxChan sometimes takes a second to update threads and posts because it generates pages one at a time to reduce system load. Other imageboard software generates pages the moment new posts are made, regardless of system load or whether a new post would cause the page to get thrown away in favor of a fresher version. By reducing the rate at which new pages are generated, LynxChan trades immediacy of response for not dying horribly under heavy load.

Q: Where's feature X?
A: You can check the roadmaps on Trello for LynxChan or Endchan specifically. If the feature you want isn't there, ask about it on /operate/.

Q: Where is the source code?
A: https://gitgud.io/InfinityNow/LynxChan

Q: Can I contribute funds?
A: We have funding page to help us pay for server costs, domain registration, and development costs.

Q: Do you log IP addresses? What about cookies?
A: Page visits are not logged. Period.
Posts are associated with your IP address, unless you post using the Tor, Lokinet, or I2P hidden service. This is the same as any other imageboard software. Clear IP addresses are only visible within the raw database and to root users who have access to the database anyway. Anyone else sees the hash of the IP address and a salt unique to the board. The IP range is hashed as well. Data that may contain IP addresses is only stored within the database and is deleted when the post is deleted. If you find that this is not the case, please report it as it is a bug and needs fixing.
Endchan does not use tracking cookies of any kind. The only cookies that Endchan stores are used to save your layout and color scheme preferences, as well as timeouts for the CAPTCHA to reduce the number of times you need to enter it and posts you've hidden if you're using JavaScript.

Q:What is multi-board?
A: Multi-board is a feature that, when enabled, allows the users to see threads for selected boards. For example: the same way /b/ shows you the front-page of /b/, /b+v/ shows you a number of threads from both /b/ and /v/.

Q:How do I create a board?
A:Create an account and at the bottom of account, there is a "Create Board" section. URI is the short URL of the board (URI of bob would become /bob/).

Q:How can I claim a board?
A:See our Board Claim Process

Q:I don't see my question here. What do?
A:Post here and ask your questions. Give us around 72 hours to respond.