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I like adding spice to the foods to get some stimulation. Besides spicy things are the way to go with beers.
Probably because I'm bored with Taiwanese food. And fast foods are most people's childhood memory so a lot people like fast food.
For Taiwanese food I like those common dishes. Mostly they're just some meat and sea food get fired or fried into dishes. Like the ones in the video. [Embed]

In my experience, I haven't seem any 3D printed guns. But if there is any, it can be the same process. In short is that we send it to the examination and see if it's deadly. (It fires bullets with over 20 joule kinetic energy.)

Keep going. I believe that you can do better than your brother. It seems like just the matter of experience. Besides you can ask your brother about some technique to enhance yourself?
On the rifles, The reason there's no auto and burst mode has something to do with the law. Taiwanese male are forced to serve the army and so the training and the culture could be closed compare to yours. (I think it has something to do with unfiltered human resource and that make it hard to manage.)

The military officers mostly focus on how it feels in the outside, so for people who did not volunteer the officers only arrange some easier training for them. And the volunteers get more professional training.
I don't know why female police officers get less rounds. I'll answer you when I know why.
Can I ask you for some hug? It makes my day.