Anonymous Admin 05/26/2023 (Fri) 18:28 No.24567 del
>It was a scammer trying to keep his scam post up
I think he was just an opportunity exploiter who pulled a prank.
I have no evidence that the two posts was made by the same user, as I did not check IP hashes since I issue no ban for that particular spam.
I have never seen a spammer - in case of these type of spam - to add some comment, funny or otherwise.
The spam itself is most likely automated.
If I have to surmise malice then I would assume he wanted us look bad for arbitrarily deleting legit content. This possibility exists, we have seen such endeavors in the past. I'm not saying this particular user tried to do this. I see it as a joke, and I was amused.
But one can never know. Just don't make witch hunt, it's useless anyway.
inb4 some prankster tries generating witch hunt.