Anonymous 10/14/2021 (Thu) 01:39:58 No.1920 del
I would bet against her knowing about this board, even though we're cyberbullying her, she most likely couldn't resist the urge to capitalize on all the free attention. most likely Nate knows she'd run her fat mouth if she saw the board or knew the whole story so he just told her something vague like "some of my old stalkers are watching our facebook accounts".
he's a good brother, I respect him. if he didn't care about Ash he could easily piggyback off her fame to promote his band, or stream on youtube and ask for donations.

I want to know if Mishti actually moved to Sterling or if she's just messing around. I coincidentally know some people from there and it is The Sticks of Colorado. if she thought Greeley was country she's really living the American dream now. could be contributing to her current mental state.