Anonymous 07/29/2021 (Thu) 00:56:05 Id: a0e000 No.1111 del
can the program import tags from famous booru sites (sankaku, gelbooru, rule34, danbooru...)? i have been using an addon for firefox that downloads images from booru sites into /folder/copywrite/artist+character+website+MD5 hash. and now i have over 40k files divided over 2k folders with very niche copywrite names and artists. all handpicked and downloaded over like 7 years period. its getting way too big for me to consider organising these files into a respectable gallery manually. and i barely open that folder because it makes me depressed and im more used to the booru tag system by now because it does the job and there is more content being added there. but at the same time i dont wanna snap and shift+del the folder because i know i have some good shit there.
i haven't tried this software yet but i'd really love if it can grab the file md5 hash and import all of its tags from other booru sites. such function would be a huge help. then i can go on and manually decide what pics and other files are worth keeping and what is not.