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Q&A Thread Anonymous Board owner 08/08/2019 (Thu) 00:24:05 Id: 348093 [Preview] No. 10
Please feel free to ask questions about hydrus here.

As a reminder, the help and getting started guide is here:


Anonymous 08/16/2019 (Fri) 03:11:11 Id: 2a6070 [Preview] No.34 del
I've been trying to scrape some things by character tags off gelbooru lately, but I notice that hydrus can only seem to find between 50-70% of the content for the character. Is this something on gelbooru's end messing with it? For example, there are 770 images tagged as 'hacka_doll_3', but hydrus only finds 464. I assume it's something to do with lolicon/shotacon tags. I've not tried making a gelbooru account yet, but I don't want to have to pay for anything just to save art that's free to access.

Anonymous 09/27/2019 (Fri) 22:12:31 [Preview] No.125 del
Hey, I tried merging my windows hydrus db with my linux hydrus DB by clicking file>import and export folders>manage export folders and then in the destination hydrus client, adding the exported files via file>import files>add folder.

However, this doesn't seem to preserve tags so I was wondering how I could do that?

Additionally, I noticed most of the .webm, .mp4, .webm files failed to import to the new client. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Anonymous Board owner 09/28/2019 (Sat) 22:39:13 Id: 273f4f [Preview] No.137 del
Yes, I think it is. There's some cookie or something for gelb to unlock spicy content. I'll be extending the login script system to allow adding static cookies so some other users who are working on a new login script can add this, but for now, your best bet is to either add the cookie manually (check your web browser, once you apply the 'show all' or whatever it is form on gelb, and then load up in hydrus network->data->review session cookies), or use Hydrus Companion browser add-on to sync it across automatically:


Anonymous Board owner 09/28/2019 (Sat) 22:42:44 Id: 273f4f [Preview] No.138 del
Check the new 'tag migration' system under services->review services. I assume the tags are under 'my tags', right? Go to that services panel on review services and then hit 'tag migration'. That'll let you export all current tags to a Hydrus Tag Archive. You can do the same on the other end to import to your 'my tags'.

For the videos that failed, what's your FFMPEG version under help->about. For the Linux release of hydrus, it uses whatever your OS has. If it is old (I think current version on Windows is 4.1 or so), try updating it on the system level or putting a static built executable under hydrus's install_dir/bin. There should be a readme there explaining the situation as well.

Otherwise, do you have any of the error traceback 'notes' for the failed video imports? This might help figure out what went wrong. Click the little icon button on the importer that failed and find the import row that failed and then right-click->copy notes.

Anonymous 09/29/2019 (Sun) 10:59:43 Id: e9d7d9 [Preview] No.139 del
(6.47 KB 757x362 fringeBenefits.png)
(1.83 KB 263x99 gelbooru.png)
Yes I can confirm that Gelbooru requires you to set a cookie to access all the content. This is because they recently added an option on the website which hides loli by default. The setting doesn't require an account to toggle because it simply uses a cookie to check if you've enabled it. This means it's pretty easy to set in Hydrus.

Go Network -> Data -> Review session cookies

There should be a cookie for gelbooru.com. The setting you need to add uses name "fringeBenefits", and the value is "yup". That's all you need to do, Hydrus should then import all content.

Anonymous 10/01/2019 (Tue) 05:59:25 Id: a5a141 [Preview] No.140 del
So I have a weird question/idea about image collections

I have a lot of porn, a lot of amateur stuff.

Now, whats the best way to tag all this outside what you see, how do you identify a person assuming you don't have a name or pornstar name for them.

I'm thinking maybe some kind of either metatag or some kid of hidden identifier tag?

Anonymous 10/02/2019 (Wed) 00:22:01 Id: bf8e84 [Preview] No.143 del
The help guide and the discord make it sound like there's a big collection of pre-tagged images that other hydrus users share publicly. (not from booru sites, images from other users)
How do I access this? Does it have any good memes?

Anonymous 10/06/2019 (Sun) 02:57:17 [Preview] No.156 del
So, I was wondering if there was a way to order my images when they display in hydrus? So, like, before they were in files and had names so I could rename them and ensure that, for instance, panel 1 of a 3 panel comic always came first, and the 3 panels were always grouped together, but I had a large number of duplicates because of the lack of tag support so things that were both "memes" and "comics" would get copied bloating my drive(and there is some shortcut and sysmlink BS I've pulled to help with redundancy with larger collections of like images). Now in hydrus after importing some test images I recently grabbed I'm seeing that nothing has names, but it is out of order. How can I force certain elements to be grouped in an ordered subset when they are visible? For instance when I have a tag "dilbert" with a parent "comics" and I want all the dilbert comics to appear when I include the "dilbert" tag, I want all the comic strips to be grouped together with the panels in order, a consecutive ordered subset, folowed by the next comic strip, also in order, and so on. I expect I will also have an issue when importing full manga and comics. There are also some images from models I have that I don't have a good name for, and where I don't know the name of the model, but I would still like to be able to select them all and group them, and give them an order so similar images appear one after the next(If I have to manually order them this is not a huge deal, though I have enough doujins in particular it would be nice if I could import that based on the file name somehow so I don't need to manually re-order thousands and thousands of files).

Also, I have a slightly different question. I noticed there is some kind of special tag for system inbox and system archive, but I'm not sure what the difference is? are they just local collections, or something else, and if so can I make my own custom collection and sub collections?

Anonymous 10/06/2019 (Sun) 03:00:01 Id: c8154d [Preview] No.157 del
I can't find anything in the help on how to set a subject name for watchers. And it doesn't seem there's a way to change it once added. Am I missing something?

Anonymous 10/06/2019 (Sun) 09:09:52 Id: df5f0f [Preview] No.158 del
Has anyone been using an image viewer to interact with Hydrus? I know it has its' built-in image viewer but I've been thinking about something more minimalist, something without any menus, only a thin border that'll change the the shown image at every 10 minutes - this could be configurable - or by a shortcut. In other words, an image viewer that'll use hydrus as the backend. Maybe this could be added to Hydrus even but it seems like too much to ask from hydrus dev.

Anonymous Board owner 10/06/2019 (Sun) 22:23:05 Id: ea6894 [Preview] No.163 del
My biggest thing about tags is that they are for searching, not describing. If you are likely to search for 'amateur' or 'blonde hair' or 'favourites', that may be much more useful to you than person names. If you do not know the name, I recommend you leave that blank until you do. If you sync with the PTR and these are likely to be on some 'realbooru' or similar, another Anon will probably eventually add the right person: tags for you either manually or by parsing a booru they are on.

If these are for 'my tags', you can of course do anything you like, but in general, I have learned that trying to tag everything you see, or try to do anything like a 'perfect' job, is a rabbit hole with no end and very low productivity.

You could try a kind of 'artist request' tag for 'person' if you like, like 'unidentified person', as a 'my tags' tracker just so you can revisit these files at some point.

Anonymous Board owner 10/06/2019 (Sun) 22:26:58 Id: ea6894 [Preview] No.164 del
I do not know of any large public file repositories. I know some users are playing around with them in private, mostly 1-5 friends sharing kind-of-thing.

I used to run a simple file repo that had a couple hundred of my old imageboard files and some fine art, just as a demo for how the tech works, but I no longer run this. Perhaps that was what you had heard about?

Anonymous Board owner 10/06/2019 (Sun) 22:33:07 Id: ea6894 [Preview] No.165 del
Hydrus is not excellent at paged content. I hope to improve this in future, along with more general cbr/cbz support. For now, try adding 'page:1', 'page:2' and 'chapter:10', 'volume:5' and 'series:blame!' style tags. It takes a little effort to set up, but you can often regex-parse these from your original file import filenames. Then, in the client, set it to sort files by 'creator-title-series-volume-chapter-page'. This will line things up nice, but the workflow, particularly for editing things once in the client, is not as I'd like it.

inbox/archive is a hardcoded special 'tag' that works like your email inbox. New files start 'inbox', with the little envelope icon, and then if you decide you want to keep a file (e.g. it was not some garbage you downloaded by accident), you hit F7 to archive it. The system:inbox/archive system search predicates let you filter by these statuses, letting you set up a 'filter this new stuff' page or 'look at this good stuff' page. It is just a neat way to keep track of new and verified 'good' files. Check out the 'archive/delete' filter as well, as per here:


Anonymous Board owner 10/06/2019 (Sun) 22:35:34 Id: ea6894 [Preview] No.166 del
It is parsed from the website at the moment. It is not currently user-editable. If you edit the parser, you can change what gets added, but this is fairly advanced.

If you are making a thread parser and want to see how it works, check out the existing 4chan/8chan defaults to see how I did it. There's a special content type you attach to your content parser, and that value gets sent to the downloader object for its 'name'.

Anonymous Board owner 10/06/2019 (Sun) 22:37:08 Id: ea6894 [Preview] No.167 del
The Client API would let you do this. I know some users are working on booru-like Phone App wrappers for the client using this, but not this particular case of a different desktop viewer.

Anonymous 10/07/2019 (Mon) 00:59:59 Id: c8154d [Preview] No.170 del
You know what, I've been looking for the subscriptions function this entire time and just found it.

Anonymous 10/07/2019 (Mon) 01:26:09 Id: f60503 [Preview] No.171 del
Due an issue on my HDD, I've lost some files from my data folder. Specifically, 6 full folders, to the tune of 3600 files. I have a recovery program running, so I might be able to find them. But if not, I have the thumbnail folders still available, so I could reverse search to replace the files manually. If I did this, ended up with a slightly smaller version of the file, put this file into the correct folder with the correct name... What would happen? Would it break my database? Would it still be tagged with the previously saved tags?

tl;dr: If I replaced an image with another of the exact same name, but it didn't have the exact same properties, what would happen? Would the file still have the same tags? Or would it just bork everything?

Anonymous Board owner 10/08/2019 (Tue) 00:31:24 Id: ea6894 [Preview] No.179 del
Some different things would happen depending on various maintenance timers. The client does not constantly monitor its file store, and it only ever accesses a file when it needs to do something with it like showing it in the media viewer. It does not rescan a file when it loads it.

If a file were to change, the client will try to load it with its current understanding, so if you swapped one jpeg for another with a different resolution ratio, it would probably draw it ok but all stretched to the wrong size canvas. It wouldn't lose the tags for those files, as tags and so on apply to the db store's understanding of the file, which is still all correct for you. It might sperg out if it needed to generate a thumbnail or something else clever.

A problem would come if hydrus ever did file maintenance on those files. It would recognise the files had changed in terms of bytes and throw some errors, and probably remove the file and put it in a 'missing_and_invalid_files' directory in your install_dir/db directory. Maintenance can be triggered by things like thumbnail resizes gone bad, so I expect these weird files would get looked at eventually.

I recommend you make a copy of those thumbnail folders, just in case you want to try something clever with them later. Then get the client going with empty file folders and go database->maintain->file maintenance->review scheduled jobs and then add a 'check if file is present in file system' for a 'system:everything' search. Force it to do that job, and it'll clear itself of the missing records and export all those files' known urls to that 'missing_and_invalid_files' directory. There will be a 'all_urls.txt' masterfile, which you can open, copy-all, and then paste back into a 'urls' download page in the client. The client will then download all those correct files again. This will make for a more 'correct' db and get you nice files again. It would not work well if most of your files were not downloaded and do not have nice known urls.

If you wanted to have thumbnails in lieu of the files, it is probably safer just to import those thumbnail files, although they won't get the tags of course. There's the slightest chance that your png thumbnails will be the same file as the original png, but I can't say that with confidence.

Let me know how you get on here.

Anonymous 10/08/2019 (Tue) 12:26:27 Id: febc66 [Preview] No.185 del
Hydrus isn't saving any page changes. Whether I import files in a URL import page, close a page, or open a new page; closing the client and reopening it reverts any changes. The files I import are still in the database, but they don't appear in the page where they were imported. Any idea how I can fix this?

Anonymous 10/08/2019 (Tue) 15:17:15 [Preview] No.186 del
How do I do regex parsing on import?

Anonymous 10/09/2019 (Wed) 10:52:41 Id: 5b136f [Preview] No.192 del
Well, it's nice to hear at least Hydrus makes the idea possible, maybe I'll try my hand later after finishing studying Python. Using Hydrus as a backend while having a minimalist image viewer somewhere on the desktop seems like the dream.

Anonymous 10/09/2019 (Wed) 12:51:45 Id: 5b136f [Preview] No.193 del
What is the maximum limit of thumbnail size? What do you guys use it?

Anonymous Board owner 10/09/2019 (Wed) 22:55:16 Id: ea6894 [Preview] No.197 del
It only works for hard drive imports, and works on file paths. When you drag and drop some files onto the client and it opens up the window with the list of files to import, click the 'add tags based on files' button, which will launch a new, more complicated dialog. The 'advanced' tab here lets you match tags based on some regex rules.

Anonymous Board owner 10/09/2019 (Wed) 22:58:50 Id: ea6894 [Preview] No.198 del
Here is the API stuff, if you are interested:


There are links to several libraries, and a nice python interface that makes it easier. The API isn't 'complete' by any means, but I am slowly adding more to it.

I was just told about this module, which I will be adding to the page for next week:


If you get into it, let me know if you run into any trouble.

Anonymous Board owner 10/10/2019 (Thu) 00:10:05 Id: ea6894 [Preview] No.199 del
There's no practical limit, I think it is something silly like 4096x4096. My main machine has a 4k screen, of which my hydrus window occupies about two thirds. 320x240 works well for me.

Anonymous Board owner 10/10/2019 (Thu) 00:13:04 Id: ea6894 [Preview] No.200 del
I can think of two possibilities:

1) Is your default gui session under options->gui pages 'last session', or something else? The 'last session' is special, and is saved regularly and on exit, but if you have it set to something else, you will need to re-save that session if you want the next boot-load to reflect those changes.

2) If your session is gigantic, it may be that hydrus is having trouble saving it, and because it is doing so on exit, it is unable to report that error properly. Does your session have millions of total thumbnails&urls in it? Or are you on a slightly lower-end machine, with say 4GB ram? If you look at your install_dir/db directory and look through the latest client.log, are there errors in there about your session?

Anonymous 10/10/2019 (Thu) 07:39:26 Id: 1b38dd [Preview] No.206 del
I have a question, it got asked in the 8ch before.

What software do you use for productivity/to-do list?

Anonymous 10/11/2019 (Fri) 11:32:47 Id: d3be39 [Preview] No.210 del
Well, whatever was wrong seems to have fixed itself. My default gui session was set to 'last session' and there weren't any errors in the client.log file. I have 16GB of RAM, but my web browser was eating up quite a bit of it. Maybe that was the issue? Anyway, thank you for the help!

Hydrus Dev says he uses ToDoList in the Hydrus documentation. https://hydrusnetwork.github.io/hydrus/help/getting_started_installing.html
The link in the docs goes to a 404 page, but the homepage http://www.abstractspoon.com works fine.

Anonymous Board owner 10/12/2019 (Sat) 21:02:14 Id: ea6894 [Preview] No.211 del
Yeah, that's the one. I'll fix the broken link, thanks.

ToDoList is tremendously customisable. I prefer to cut down almost all of the features to just time_due, recurrence, and job name. If you find there are too many fields to customise, don't be afraid to just hide them. I have many daily tasks and also birthday/dentist tracking and so on. Most of them re-occur every day/week/whatever. Even stuff like 'check this web page for new vidya releases this month that might be interesting'. Probably 200 jobs a day, it runs my whole life.

Anonymous Board owner 10/12/2019 (Sat) 21:04:20 Id: ea6894 [Preview] No.212 del
Hmm, thank you for the note about your session as well. I am not sure if that was it. Maybe memory shortage was stopping the session from packing and saving right, but I would usually expect you to see OS warnings at that point.

Please let me know if you see this again or learn anything new.

Anonymous 10/14/2019 (Mon) 22:42:14 Id: cc4cb8 [Preview] No.218 del
Thanks a lot, I'll definitely give it a try.

Anonymous 10/18/2019 (Fri) 05:14:03 Id: a8b074 [Preview] No.224 del
Are there any plans to include Hydrus in some package manager's repo? I'm talking about stuff like NixOS or Guix System, since they seem to be pretty interesting package managers to use, and in the case of Guix, I know you can run such packages on other distros without Guix.

Anonymous 10/19/2019 (Sat) 15:37:24 Id: 129814 [Preview] No.226 del
I'm not so well informed about packaging on Linux, but I think openSUSE's OBS could be the best method instead of expecting every distro to add to their repos.

Anonymous Board owner 10/19/2019 (Sat) 17:13:07 Id: df4582 [Preview] No.227 del
I don't know anything about package managers, so I don't maintain anything, but some users do. If you are enthusiastic about this stuff, please feel free to rebundle hydrus however you like for whatever platform.



Anonymous 10/27/2019 (Sun) 10:25:21 [Preview] No.244 del
Can I regex parse the urls I paste into the url download page as multiple urls with newlines? I'm currently generating the suffixes for the URLs that map to the images on NHentai for a given URL and image count, but when I download them into hydrus I then have to go in and manually enter all the pages. How can I automate this?

Anonymous 10/27/2019 (Sun) 10:47:10 [Preview] No.245 del
how can I open multiple photos in an external program? I like to use ifran view to read manga, but when I go to the next page I either reach the end of the folder or I get a random image...

Anonymous 10/28/2019 (Mon) 23:58:16 Id: 73a873 [Preview] No.247 del
Is there yet a way to default exclude a tag/namespace from searches that don't explicitly include them in the query?
Like if I were to blacklist "pepe" and I had an image tagged with both "pepe" and "meme," querying "meme" would not bring up that image because I explicitly didn't include the blacklisted term "pepe" attributed to it. I'm aware that I could get this functionality with "-pepe" in my search, but it's not exactly the functionality I'm seeking

Anonymous 10/30/2019 (Wed) 07:49:55 [Preview] No.251 del
You could add a "Show" tag to all whitelisted items. I actually uses a "visibility" namespace and I use the subtags "public","school","work","politics","family","personal", and "private". Unfortunately, this way if you want to show "school" and "work" you still have to '-' the other tags, but to prevent people from knowing I have edge lord "offensive" memes like PePe, NRA, and right wing memes, I just stick them in politics instead of public, and I do a similar thing with the "private" tag which is also a namespace for "sexy", "porn", "ecchi", and "hentai" Maybe that will help you if all you want to do is keep people from seeing your dank memes when working with colleagues when searching for a flowcart, etc? Still not perfect though and the having an | operator for queries would be really nice.

That said, my question is, is there an easy way to download galleries from sites like https://mangakakalot.com/
while preserving all the tags? I actually wrote a macro to automatically use hotkeys to grab URLs to the clipboard and generate the image downloads to attempt(by parsing the URL to the gallery and generating 3 entries per image (the page number followed by the extension[jpg,png,gif]) but this is slow, and wastes a lot of time waiting for non existent images to timeout, as well as having sites like https://e-hentai.org/ using obfuscated URLs that make it impossible to tell how to generate the image from the URL pattern alone(and I'm not a web developer, so I don't know how to loop over the next pages on the site through script to grab the image links...).

Anonymous 10/31/2019 (Thu) 23:33:14 [Preview] No.253 del
How do I get Hydrus client to play back sound when playing back an mp4 file? According to the little audio symbol in the file there should be sound, and when I open it externally there is sound.

Anonymous 11/01/2019 (Fri) 16:48:57 [Preview] No.255 del
I have a bunch of manga stored into different folders by story, and along with the pictures each folder has a .json file with all the tags and data like title and page count. How can I import this into hydrus easily? Doing a few folders manually wouldn't be a big deal, but I have probably collected around 1500 or so folders of manga, maybe more. I don't want to have to manually add 1500 files and all the tags when the data is already there in json, and is probably parse-able in some way

Anonymous 11/02/2019 (Sat) 07:19:44 Id: 3ecf94 [Preview] No.256 del
Hydrus doesn't support sound playback yet

Hydrus isn't ideal for manga at the moment, you're better off waiting until manga support gets improved

Anonymous 11/02/2019 (Sat) 22:18:01 Id: 4cafea [Preview] No.257 del
Is there a way to use URL import for webms? When I try to use it, it imports as a zip

Anonymous Board owner 11/16/2019 (Sat) 18:54:50 Id: 62de2f [Preview] No.298 del
I am not totally sure what you want to do here.

There's a paste button beside the text input--if your clipboard has newline-separated urls, it should pull them all in one go. I know some users who have pasted like 10,000 urls all at once like this.

Have you tried this and not had it work? Did it not split by newline? Do you know if your text editor is using NL (newline) or TLCR (newline-carriage return)? I think it is supposed to be able to handle either, but maybe it is misfiring.

Anonymous Board owner 11/16/2019 (Sat) 18:57:28 Id: 62de2f [Preview] No.299 del
There is no way to do this at the moment, but I expect to add it at some point. Can you say how ifran view takes multiple files as a launch parameter? Is it something like:
program_exe file1.jpg file2.jpg file3.jpg

Different programs have different 'playlist' formats, so I'll have to extend the 'launch external program' code to have some way of describing that.

Anonymous Board owner 11/16/2019 (Sat) 19:00:21 Id: 62de2f [Preview] No.300 del
With some luck, I may be able to embed a legit mpv window into the media viewer before the year is done. This is a Qt thing. If we can get this going, there will be native smooth video and audio playback! Keep your fingers crossed.

Anonymous 11/17/2019 (Sun) 16:13:47 Id: 0b82b6 [Preview] No.318 del
(50.88 KB 612x700 Unbenannt.PNG)
(10.94 KB 415x213 Unbenannt2.PNG)
I have been on the hunt for over two hours now, and I feel it is now time to ask a professional: why is my regex, that works the way I want in an online simulator, not working when I actually use it in hydrus?
The attached picture is there to show what I am trying to do:
I want the yellow marked column in a month:xx and the red circled column in a day:yy namespace, but as you can see my shit is being fucked up here.
I basically want to know what two regexes I need to perform to get the month and the day filtered out, so that I can put them in two separate namespaces.
Sorry if this is a stupid question, but as it turn out I am too much of a brainlet for regex.
The second picture shows that I had theoretically figured it out, but to no avail. :(

Anonymous Board owner 11/18/2019 (Mon) 04:53:42 Id: 8b213f [Preview] No.324 del
Hey, yeah, regex is a pain in the ass at the best of times, and the way I apply some of it isn't totally standard.

Just a quick thing, if it happens to help, hydrus is in python rather than PHP. I'm not sure there will be any big differences, but maybe in some edge cases.

I think in my regex parsing there, I get every matching string, rather than just the first, as perhaps that online one is doing. If you want day and month with those paths, I'd probably go for:

month - (?<=\\\d{4}\-)\d+
day - (?<=\-\d\d\-)\d+

I am making sure the look-behind matches the right number of numbers (\d) in order to capture the second or third group in the yyyy-mm-dd set.

Anonymous 11/19/2019 (Tue) 19:24:44 [Preview] No.338 del
Ah, was just checking back to look for the answer, and I saw this reply to another post: >>197
I think I want to do this, but with URLs. To be clear, all the images do import properly, but the information about the title and page is lost which I'd hoped to parse into tags using regex from the URL as it is part of the path. Doesn't look like that's an option though? In that case I would like to suggest/request you please support that feature if you can? Would be really handy.

Anonymous 11/20/2019 (Wed) 14:49:33 Id: 4b9118 [Preview] No.344 del
is it just me?
I have been getting a missing cookie "password_hash" when trying to log into danbooru

Network error: 401: The server's error text was too long to display. The first part follows, while a larger chunk has been written to the log.
<!doctype html>
<title> Sign in - Danbooru
<link rel="shortcut icon" href="/favicon.ico" type="image/x-icon">
<link rel="top" title="Danbooru" href="/">
<meta name="csrf-param" content="authenticity_token" />
<meta name="csrf

Anonymous 11/20/2019 (Wed) 22:05:56 Id: a3b755 [Preview] No.346 del
I've been getting the same problem on danbooru. Not just you.

Anonymous 11/20/2019 (Wed) 23:55:22 [Preview] No.347 del
If I add a "hydrus tag repository" and point it at the PTR, will it sync all my current private tags, like person:<familly member name: last middle first>
? I've spent a lot of time tagging my personal familly photos and vacations with relevent tags, but I would prefer to not leak those to some public repo. I want to tag a bunch of images I grabbed from boorus and chans though with the PTR. I've read the help article, but exactly what happens with my local tags is still very confusing. It also talked about "committing" tags to the repo? What if when I'm setting tags 99% of the time it will be for personal use and I don't want to push them to a repo? It mentions that you can have multiple repos, but I can't find more information on this in the help.

Anonymous 11/21/2019 (Thu) 19:30:07 Id: 8a1e2f [Preview] No.356 del
When tagging I used to be able to enter a namespace and Hydrus would suggest me all tags of that namespace, which was really crucial to my "workflow".
Today I updated after skipping several versions and that isn't the case anymore.

Is there a way to re-enable this? Can't find anything under "tag suggestions" in the options.

Anonymous 11/22/2019 (Fri) 04:45:13 Id: f7613c [Preview] No.358 del
If you make a copy of the Danbooru login script and remove the two cookies that are checked for successful login then you should be fine for now. Works for me.

Anonymous 11/23/2019 (Sat) 18:59:19 Id: b5c3ad [Preview] No.365 del
Core parts of the 'old place' are (more-or-less) back online, so smaller boards have been given a deadline of 2nd December for the former Board Owners to verify / claim their boards, which will restore them to their pre-shutdown state; have you secured the /hydrus/ board yet?

Anonymous Board owner 11/24/2019 (Sun) 02:02:54 Id: 3e4345 [Preview] No.372 del
Hmm, yeah, you can parse tag info from URL string easily at the moment. You could probably wangle a custom parser to pull this, but it would be impractical for real use. Is there any chance the title/page info is available in a web page the file is in, like you would see in a gallery site like Hentai Foundry, or do you only have access to a raw jpg file URL? Normally, hydrus likes to grab that data from json or html.

Converting tags to ratings, or ratings to tags, or now tags from URLs, any sort of cross-metadata-type conversion, is not really supported right now. It is complicated and requires a bunch of new UI. I am not opposed to the idea, but I don't think I could fit it into normal weekly work.

I will soonish be adding the ability to easily export and import URLs using neighbouring .txt files. It is possible you could cobble something together here by exporting the files you care about here with their URLs in a txt file, using a script to convert the urls.txt to a neighbouring tags.txt file, and then importing those tag .txts and the files again and pulling the tags. Is that something you might be interested in, or is it a bit too inconvenient?

Anonymous Board owner 11/24/2019 (Sun) 02:04:04 Id: 3e4345 [Preview] No.373 del
Thanks lads. Yeah, I have had a couple of these reports now. I'll roll out an updated login script for everyone for 374. They just changed something, not sure what.

Anonymous Board owner 11/24/2019 (Sun) 02:11:12 Id: 3e4345 [Preview] No.374 del
No. When you add something like the PTR, it'll make a completely separate service that will appear in the manage tags dialog as a second tab. PTR tags will stay in one list, your 'my tags' will stay in another. Any time you choose to edit tags, or to parse them from something like a booru download, you will be choosing which tag 'domain' they will go to.

Normally when you search on search pages, you will see the tag domain is 'all known tags'. This is essentially a union of all your tag services, which for you at the moment is just 'my tags'. It'll be 'my tags' and the PTR if you add the PTR.

The only way the tags you have added to 'my tags' can be moved to the PTR is if you specifically choose to. You might copy them from the 'my tags' page and paste them to the PTR's, or you might do a larger migration using services->tag migration. If set up to sync with the PTR and touch nothing, no privacy violation will occur. You can't really make a 'mistake' here unless you are specifically reckless, you have to choose everything.

The 'commit' part is a special part of sending tags to the PTR. Rather than upload immediately, when you add them to the manage tags dialog, they are instead in a local-only 'pending' mode. This lets you edit them if you like before you commit by uploading them to the server. When you have pending tags, you will get a new 'pending (count)' menu in your main gui's menubar that lets you send them all up in one go when you are ready. This is the only way that tags can ever be uploaded to the public space--you control it completely.

If you do wish, you do not ever have to pend a tag to the PTR, and can use it exclusively in a read-only way.

If you want to get a feel for multiple tag services, try going into services->manage services and adding a new 'local tag service'. Call it 'clothing' or something and experiment with the new 'clothing' page you have anywhere you edit tags.

Let me know if there is anything still confusing. Thank you for your feedback, I will improve that help.

Anonymous Board owner 11/24/2019 (Sun) 02:13:33 Id: 3e4345 [Preview] No.375 del
Yeah, I took that out because many users had terrible CPU costs with it, especially when syncing with the PTR. You should be able to force it now by going 'series:*', with the explicit asterisk, let me know if it doesn't work for you.

Anonymous Board owner 11/24/2019 (Sun) 02:20:25 Id: 3e4345 [Preview] No.376 del
Thanks. Yep, we should be good, assuming it actually comes back ok. I sent an email a few weeks back, along with dozens of other other BOs, when they sent out a tweet asking for emails with shared secrets, but unfortunately those emails it seems were not actioned. Most of us did not get replies, wew. I guess they got eaten when one of the domains got killed.

Today on another bunker, there was a thread to figure out the mess, and /hydrus/ is now on an explicit list for migration. My BO username and pass don't work atm, let's hope they do in December!

I am not super enthused about the new terms of service or the situation in general, but we'll see how it goes. If most of us end up shitposting there again, I'll cheerfully run /hydrus/ from there too, but if we don't, or they can't stay up, I'll throw up a poll to figure out how people feel about different places for a permanent home, here on Endchan or elsewhere.

Anonymous 11/24/2019 (Sun) 06:20:19 [Preview] No.380 del
The only site I have kind of working, is https://nhentai.net/ I navigate to the last page and hit a key that runs a macro to copy the current URL from the clipboard to parse it and generate the page numbers. I then click on the floppy icon to paste this as a URL download. Unforunately, I then have to manaully enter "Page:1", "Page:2", etc, which is the most annoying part as it must be done for every page. However as the URls I amp parsing are formatted like this "https://i.nhentai.net/galleries/1516309/2.jpg" where the 2 at the end is the page number, I had hoped to regex pars that for each image as it downloads. I have another hotkey macro that lets me select the tag text for all the images in the gallery and parse it into the multi-line tags that hydrus understands. But currently, my macro that tags the page numbers needs to wait for all of the images to download, then I give my macro the number of pages, and it uses keyboard controls to add the page numbers by hitting "home" sleep 1000ms "f3" sleep 1000ms "page:x" sleep 1000ms "enter" sleep 1000ms "right" and then it repeats from the "f3' key. but, this always takes at least 4 seconds to run plus some time wile waiting for the window to activate. So if I have 600 images in a doujin it I have to leave my computer running and not touch it for like 40 minutes minimum where I can't do anything. This is better than manually adding hundreds of tags, but I would prefer to be able to parse at least the page from the urls I paste into the URL downloaded to a tag for just that file. Btw, if anyone is interested in the Auto hot key scripts I wrote to do this, here they are:

Anonymous 11/24/2019 (Sun) 19:17:50 Id: 0f0b8e [Preview] No.383 del
Thank you very much. :D

Anonymous 11/24/2019 (Sun) 20:06:07 Id: 8a1e2f [Preview] No.384 del
That works, thank you.

I would still appreciate it if an option to re-enable this as default behaviour could be included though.

Anonymous 11/25/2019 (Mon) 01:13:12 [Preview] No.385 del
So, I added the PTR to my hydrus and let it sync overnight, but it looks like non of my files have been tagged with those PTR tags? I thought the Syncing was to download all the tags and the hashes for the files that would be recieving those tags, and then they would be applied? But this doesn't seem to be how it works? So how do I get my files to update their tags from the PTR, and do I need to broadcast the image hash as a fetch to the PTR or something to get the tags back? If possible I would rather not leak hashes either, or be able to just look up a subset of my files and try to fetch tags that way if this is the case? Or is there just some setting I have missed enableing that would let my client used the data I have already spent all night syncing tag my files? Because I assumed that I was essentially syncing a dictionary/map of Dictionary<string, vector<int>> lookupTable. where string was the tag, and int was the hash? Or did I just sync tags/keys when DLing the PTR? And how do I see what tags I actually DLed?

Anonymous 11/27/2019 (Wed) 05:02:17 Id: 94f60c [Preview] No.386 del
Is there a straightforward use case to sync a database between two computers on LAN?

I use both a laptop and a desktop and I store my large media on a NAS, so I'd like to manage the same database no matter which computer I'm using. Network mounting the hydrus directory would probably be too slow (not yet tested), and I'm wary of running a full server per the warning above help/server.html.

Thank you for your work on Hydrus!

Anonymous Board owner 12/07/2019 (Sat) 21:33:01 Id: ee440e [Preview] No.411 del
Hey, I am sorry for late reply. Did this fix itself? It is possible that if you do a huge sync from nothing, you might not see tags until the next client reboot. You can check this by opening a new search page, changing the tag domain from 'all known tags' to 'public tag repo', and then doing a search for system:number of tags>0. Does anything show up at all?

The PTR in hydrus should just make tags appear, you don't have to do anything but wait for some syncing. If you check the PTR's page under services->review services->remote->tags->ptr, how far is the 'processing' stage done? Is it mostly finished? It should have a mappings count, and as soon as you get, say, 50 million mappings, you should see a bunch appearing on older popular files.

For some situations, tags will not line up with a file. A couple of hydrus users had run their files through image resizers/optimisers years ago, and since the file content here has changed uniquely, those files will not line up with the (hash, tag) pairs the PTR offers. But if you have any decent sample of original files from the big boorus, you should see some tags from the PTR.

Here's a picture of Samus:


If you select and drag and drop that URL onto hydrus, it should import into a new page. The file has tags on the PTR--do you see them?

Anonymous 12/11/2019 (Wed) 01:48:31 Id: 9b4d83 [Preview] No.425 del
I dont know which of these boards is used more so im gonna post here too.

Im getting disk I/O errors because my hdd is presumably dying on me and I neglected to make any backups of my database. I move the entirety of the db over to a new drive successfully except for client.mappings, I get errors whenever I try to move or copy it. Am I fucked?

I have tried cloning it in sqlite, seems like its getting stuck at current_mappings_10.

The program also still works fine, no tags seem affected though I dont really know what client.mappings handles. The only reason I noticed something was wrong was because I suddenly couldn't process repository updates.

Anonymous Board owner 12/14/2019 (Sat) 22:54:48 Id: 06c914 [Preview] No.432 del
It stores the tags. You are not permanently fucked, but it might take a little work to get back up and running, and if you have a lot of 'my tags' (as opposed to just, say, the public tag repository), it may be trickier.

It may be simpler to do this one-on-one by email (hydrus.admin@gmail.com) or discord DMs (https://discord.gg/3H8UTpb), but we can also do it here.

My best first suggestion is to try to copy as much of client.mappings.db to the nice drive. If your OS is doing some of the move but sperging out and cancelling due to a bad hard drive sector, maybe a program like FreeFileSync will let you copy most of the file and still leave the truncated half-copy in the nice drive after the error. I am not sure if FFS will do that, but I think some copying program or command line call will be able to do the front half. You may have more luck cloning this half-copied db, and if that works you should be able to just boot and reset your PTR processing cache and be back up and running.

If you absolutely cannot copy any of client.mappings.db, we'll have to see if we can possibly create a barebones one and fool the client into thinking that is the correct one.

Anonymous 12/15/2019 (Sun) 05:05:10 Id: 9b4d83 [Preview] No.433 del
I dont seem to have lost any tags actually. I copied the entire DB other than client.mappings to a new client on the fresh ssd and as far as I can tell every tag is still here, My Tags and the repository.

The only real issue I can identify is that I have about 145,000 tag data for the ptr that I cant upload or forget

Anonymous 12/15/2019 (Sun) 22:00:44 Id: 06bf66 [Preview] No.436 del
Do you guys have a lot of weird, autistic, aesthetic debates with yourselves about how things should be tagged? Like rn I'm debating if oc's in the style of a series should be given the series tag despite not actually depicting any characters from said series.

Anonymous 12/17/2019 (Tue) 03:17:46 Id: cdd882 [Preview] No.438 del
How do you completely uninstall on macOS?

Anonymous 12/28/2019 (Sat) 22:34:32 Id: 4d32a0 [Preview] No.448 del
Is there any specific place to request/suggest plugins? I would like, for example, to ask for plugins for websites like motherless, BDSMLR, or even for an update on xhamster's download script.

Anonymous 12/28/2019 (Sat) 22:34:52 Id: 4d32a0 [Preview] No.449 del
Is there any specific place to request/suggest plugins? I would like, for example, to ask for plugins for websites like motherless, BDSMLR, or even for an update on xhamster's download script.

Anonymous Board owner 12/29/2019 (Sun) 18:56:41 Id: 1ef48d [Preview] No.451 del
Great, I am glad you are basically working again. If you used a 'fresh' client.mappings.db, you will run into trouble sooner or later when you add new tags or process the PTR. The tags you see are probably being nicely loaded from the fast caches on client.caches.db, but the actual tags (and the storage areas where they should be) are missing from the real-deal client.mappings.db. This may need you to hit services->review services and completely reset your PTR's processing, to reformat client.mappings.db and fill it up again properly.

Also, if you have local 'my tags', they may now only exist in the semi-ephemeral client.caches.db. Make sure you have a good backup of this current 'working' db before you do anything crazy, as they may be wiped by a big 'reset/recalc' action.

The 145k tags is for the 'pending (145,000)' menu, right? This again is because it thinks there are pending tags, but the actual ones have disappeared, so it is out of sync with the db. We can reset it, but this may cause an error. Hit help->debug->data actions->clear db service info cache and then restart the client, which will force it to re-count that number from raw db tables. I expect the true number is 0, so the pending menu will disappear on restart.

Let me know how you get on. If you have a lot of local 'my tags', make sure you have a backup of client.caches.db at least--we may be able to do some SQLite magic to re-populate the missing tables in the bare client.mappings.db.

Anonymous Board owner 12/29/2019 (Sun) 19:01:06 Id: 1ef48d [Preview] No.452 del
Yeah, it is a constant battle. You can go crazy falling down this rabbit hole, and it is easy to become unproductive. My very strong tl;dr recommendation in tagging is to follow two rules:

1) Don't try to be perfect.
2) Only add tags for things you search for.

Tags are for searching, not describing. If you aren't searching for 'series' tags, don't get lost in them.

Anonymous Board owner 12/29/2019 (Sun) 19:05:55 Id: 1ef48d [Preview] No.453 del
Delete the App from Applications, and delete the folder at /Users/You/Library/Hydrus. That library folder is all my code writes to permanently. If you want to be very thorough, clear out your OS temp folder, as there may be some old temp files hanging around if you have had crashes.

I am not an expert at macOS. Perhaps there are also some system shortcuts or history or something that is added at the OS level. If you know macOS does this and you want to completely wipe all memory of hydrus, you'll have to search how to do this.

Anonymous Board owner 12/29/2019 (Sun) 19:07:50 Id: 1ef48d [Preview] No.454 del
Best place is probably the Discord, where a bunch of downloader creators hang out. There are several channels just for discussing it.


I posted about BDSMLR there a little while ago based on a request from another user, but I do not know the current status of any downloader for it.

Anonymous 01/31/2020 (Fri) 03:11:29 Id: 345f8b [Preview] No.522 del
Is there a way to have collections be sorted randomly, but have files in the collections be sorted by page? In other words, is there a way to have a separate sort for files in a collection then you do for the collections themselves and uncollected files?

I want to be able to browse comics I have randomly with the rest of my non-comic files, but still have the pages in those comics be in the correct order when I get to them. I've tried everything I can think of, but I can't find a way to do this.

sorting inside collections? Anonymous 01/31/2020 (Fri) 03:22:27 Id: 345f8b [Preview] No.523 del
Is there a way to have a separate sort for files in a collection then you do for collections themselves and uncollected files?

I want the comics I have to be sorted randomly among my non-comic files, so that I can browse them like I browse my normal files, but still have the pages in the comics appear in the correct order, so that the comics make sense when I get to them. I've tried every combination of sorting and collecting that I can think of, but I can't find a way to do this.

Anonymous Board owner 02/17/2020 (Mon) 23:04:40 Id: e8c215 [Preview] No.525 del
Hey, just catching up after Endchan downtime.

There is no way to do this at the moment. I am ultimately unhappy with how collections work in many ways and want to clean up and rewrite handling of multi-page content, both with explicit cbr-style file support and a virtualised 'single object, multi-file comic' cbr format to handle paged comics as single thumbs rather than auto-sorted files.

I apologise for the inconvenience in the meantime. The next time I am in that code, I will see if adding a simple double-sort system as in >>523 is easy to add, but if not, this may have to wait for the bigger rewrite.

Anonymous 02/20/2020 (Thu) 17:13:11 Id: 242d48 [Preview] No.532 del
>to handle paged comics as single thumbs rather than auto-sorted files
when/if you do this, you should give priority for files tagged as "doujinshi cover", "cover", "medium:cover", "cover page", "doujin cover", etc, as the thumbnail.

Anonymous 02/23/2020 (Sun) 15:34:04 Id: 345f8b [Preview] No.535 del
It's fine. In the mean time, I'll just hold off on importing my comics and series until I can. If I imported them now, the individual files would just get in the way, since "random" is the primary way I browse.

I agree, but if that were to be done, then instead of it being hard-coded, there should be an option to set which tags get thumbnail priority, and maybe just have the tags you listed be the defaults. This ensures flexibility in the case that there are other groups of files where one kind makes obvious sense as the thumbnail.

Anonymous 02/23/2020 (Sun) 19:45:17 Id: 345f8b [Preview] No.536 del
When adding tags manually, there's an option that auto-replaces old siblings with new siblings when you enter the old sibling, but it can be disabled, and I do. How do you disable that for tags that are automatically added through the gallery downloader. I checked the tag import options, but I didn't see anything about siblings there.

I'm importing files from Sankaku Channel, and I want the tags that are imported into Hydrus to be the tags that are there exactly as they are on Sankaku Channel. For example, I have 1boy as the old sibling of "1 male" in "my tags" but when I import a file from Sankaku Channel, "1boy" is just replaced by "1 male" entirely. I don't want that to happen. I want the underlying tag that's imported to still be 1boy, even though it will displayed as "1 male" since it's the old sibling.

Anonymous Board owner 02/24/2020 (Mon) 01:39:46 Id: 3d2bd5 [Preview] No.540 del
Thanks, I agree. I will have to be careful about how we do this stuff. As we have found with collections, page: tags are not comprehensive.

For a long time, I have thought that virtual comic support in the client, and related tasks like 'please tag these twenty files with page:x, starting with 17 and adding 1 each time' really needs thumbnail re-ordering with mouse drag and drop.

Once we have that, it will be much easier to solve niggling file sort problems where a comic has 'main page' vs 'front page' vs 'copyright page' vs 'last page' in just a couple of mouse drags.

Anonymous Board owner 02/24/2020 (Mon) 01:41:04 Id: 3d2bd5 [Preview] No.541 del
I regret that there is not yet. This work got delayed in Q4 last year because of Qt, but I hope to be back to it in the coming months. I want better sibling filters and sibling controls for all services so you have power over this.

Anonymous 02/24/2020 (Mon) 20:32:30 Id: 294240 [Preview] No.544 del
Hi, I'm having a problem: apparently database issues, so I've been following all the steps in the broken database txt, however... the master.db file (6.something gb) has been doing the "PRAGMA integrity_check;" for over 24 hours now. The drive is a normal 3.5 inch magnetic usb3 one, it's not abnormally slow, and the cpu is a brand new Ryzen 5 3600. It's not magically stuck because the task manager shows the drive being with an active time of 99%, and there's nothing else using it, not right now.

plz halp.

Anonymous 02/25/2020 (Tue) 19:32:34 Id: 294240 [Preview] No.545 del
Endless check has finished, took well over 24 hours but less than 48 (not sure how much exactly).

No errors. Now on to the next one and let's hope for a faster job lol

Anonymous 02/28/2020 (Fri) 16:51:36 Id: 345f8b [Preview] No.551 del
When a sibling relationship is created or petitioned to the PTR, the changes show up for you, even if it gets rejected by janitors to be shown to everyone. Is there a way to see which ones are actually just showing up for you (because that matters sometimes), and a way to be able to remove them, or makes new ones without having to suggest that they go to everyone else too?

Anonymous Board owner 03/01/2020 (Sun) 22:22:09 Id: 2a3204 [Preview] No.554 del
This sounds a very long time. Normally SQLite is ok at this stuff, sometimes as slow as 250KB/s, but rarely that bad. It could be due to abnormally high drive latency (which could be due to it being mechanical and over a usb, and/or it being very very fragged), or your machine being very tight on free memory (so your OS's disk cache cannot populate, or perhaps the drive itself is having trouble.

Were you able to run a program like CrystalDiskInfo? Is the drive itself healthy?

Run time normally scales with file size, so if your client.mappings.db is 20-odd gigs, it could be several days to run. This sounds ridiculous to me, so I would suggest you cancel the job and figure out what is wrong with the connection to the drive first. It would likely be easier to copy the file to your system drive with sqlite3.exe, especially if it is an ssd, and run the integrity check there.

Please let me know how you get on.

Anonymous Board owner 03/01/2020 (Sun) 22:26:56 Id: 2a3204 [Preview] No.555 del
Unfortunately, there is not. In its development, the biggest problems with the tag repo code have been in dealing with its growth, and admin and user controls took a back seat behind the back seat.

This is now a bigger deal, and the PTR janitorial team have given me some suggestions as well. I do not know if I can make it as nice as you want, but when I next do a big iteration on tag repo content updates, I expect to add better client knowledge of clientside changes, the ability to make changes locally and not upload them, and likely some sort of anon 'petitioner id' so you can see your petitions' results and exchange anon messages with janitors.

Anonymous 05/31/2020 (Sun) 22:22:26 Id: 80cd2b [Preview] No.704 del
Is there a way to limit how many downloads occur at once?
I want to queue several *booru queries, but only have, say, 1-2 running at a time
I looked at https://hydrusnetwork.github.io/hydrus/help/getting_started_downloading.html, but it only seems to describe the downloader working in parallel

Anonymous Board owner 06/03/2020 (Wed) 20:21:21 Id: b66eaf [Preview] No.709 del
Hmm, not completely. There are some options under options->connection that limit how many network jobs can run at once, but that isn't really what you want.

The client's ideal has generally been to run all simultaneously and let the bandwidth rules slow things down, but there are some hardcoded limits, I think around about 10 or 15 file and gallery downloaders running at once, to stop some back-end things getting gummed up.

I could just expose those hardcoded options to you, probably on options->downloading, so you can set them as low as you like. I'll just say/warn that these limits are hacks that I put in an emergency because the system grew faster than my back-end could deal with it, so it is a bit ugly--downloaders that are blocked by this limit just sit there, no status updates, because they can't even boot to say they are paused. The whole system is pending a rewrite, but if you want to artificially limit, I can keep those options in the new system.

Anonymous Board owner 06/03/2020 (Wed) 20:23:00 Id: b66eaf [Preview] No.710 del
Oh, I forgot to say, if you hit the 'cog' icon on a downloader, you can start your queries paused when you type/paste them in. It would require you to babysit them, but one other option is to add your queries paused an then unpause them in small batches.

Anonymous 06/29/2020 (Mon) 04:09:14 [Preview] No.733 del
Just downloaded 401, first time actually using this software.
I have no doubt my use-case is a little unusual, but as I begin tagging my collection (a scant 2,000 images but I want to be able to find old vacation images but I can't remember which vacation it was) I find myself wanting to remember if I tagged this aspect before, and if so how I spelled it, etc.

It would be very helpful if I could find a list of all extant tags, but the closest I seem to be able to get is to stop tagging, search system:everything, choose no particular image, and scroll up/down the left where the associated tags that overlap with the current image search results are shown. Then I have to write down the one I used last time, then go back to system:inbox and find what I was about to tag.

It would, as I say, be useful if there was a toggle I could throw, that would populate "recent tags" with instead "every tag" although if the client is allowed to sync with the PTR that list would be both ponderous and useless. So, maybe a toggle for "all *my* tags"

On an unrelated note, and a note of thanks, it took me some time to find how to search for images by their ratio. But I'm very grateful I don't have to create a namespace of 3, with a single member of 4, just to indicate I tipped the camera on its side for that photo.

Anonymous 07/02/2020 (Thu) 11:18:22 Id: 88c02e [Preview] No.736 del
Haven't used Hydrus for quite a while. I failed to launch 402 version. Is Windows 7 no longer supported?

Anonymous 07/02/2020 (Thu) 23:52:11 [Preview] No.737 del
I just installed, launched it on my Win-7 machine.

Anonymous 07/03/2020 (Fri) 00:29:50 Id: aa8076 [Preview] No.738 del
That's weird. My older version of Hydrus runs just fine. Thanks for the reply though.

Anonymous Board owner 07/11/2020 (Sat) 22:11:47 Id: 508555 [Preview] No.750 del
You may now need this: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=48145

And maybe recent OS updates for Win 7. It is some dll issue, just have to get newer OS libraries.

As here: https://hydrusnetwork.github.io/hydrus/help/getting_started_installing.html

Anonymous 08/02/2020 (Sun) 13:20:49 Id: 345f8b [Preview] No.762 del
In hydrus, I have it set to automatically import tags into the PTR when I download images from websites. Most of these tags that are imported are correct but sometimes they're wrong. If someone else sees these incorrect tags and removes them, will I ever get those changes, or does it work kinda like tag parents and siblings where, because I (technically, though it was automatic) added those tags, changes to them by other users will be ignored and I won't sync those changes.

I have tag-importing on because I think that overall it does much more good than harm, but if I have to individually correct every misapplied tag, that probably swings the balance in favor of it not being worth the effort for me.

Anonymous Board owner 08/05/2020 (Wed) 00:59:09 Id: fe2fef [Preview] No.764 del
Yeah, if a janitor cleans up a bad tag, it will be deleted your end within a day or so, even if you were the original uploader. No worries, sending typical booru tags up to the PTR is a good and useful practice.

Siblings and parents work a bit different since a janitor needs to approve to add them in the first place. In that situation, where the sibling or parent was never approved to be added in the first place, your client keeps them. But if you add a sibling, and it is accepted (and hence sent to all users, including, redundantly, to you), and then it is later deleted or reassigned in some way, you will get the deletion update.

Anonymous 08/05/2020 (Wed) 22:24:51 Id: 345f8b [Preview] No.769 del
So all tags that you add or remove are added and removed for other users, and vice versa. Good to know, thanks!

>But if you add a sibling, and it is accepted (and hence sent to all users, including, redundantly, to you), and then it is later deleted or reassigned in some way, you will get the deletion update.

I wasn't aware of this. Thanks for the info. This should probably be stated somewhere on the help pages. I was under the impression that once you add or remove a sibling or parent from the PTR, your client basically ignores everything after that, and you're on your own.

Anonymous 08/08/2020 (Sat) 19:09:39 Id: fe2fef [Preview] No.771 del
Thanks, that's a good idea. A lot of this is ad-hoc, so it would be good to have it all written down. I'll be doing this 'virtual' siblings and parents shift in the coming weeks, which will be a good chance to formalise it.

Anonymous 08/12/2020 (Wed) 11:28:14 Id: 5f6f90 [Preview] No.773 del
Is there any way to select the desired search distance in the duplicate filter for each search? I like having 10 prepared for some cases but it does tend to give me a lot of false positives most of the time.

Anonymous Board owner 08/15/2020 (Sat) 18:03:21 Id: d62469 [Preview] No.774 del
Hmm, I don't think so, I am afraid. Do you mean like when you want to do some dupe filtering, say 'only show me things that are tagged 'blah' and are also exact matches' and such?

At the moment, the actual dupe system does not store search distances that pairs were found at. All that works in the discovery side, which works on a different search system and data structure than the dupe system proper and normal file searches.

If it helps, the likely next step for the dupe system for me is to write a checkbox or something for 'only show pixel-for-pixel-duplicates', as part of a push to early user-customisable auto-resolution rules. Once we can do the easier issue of pixel dupes, I expect the natural next step will be to add search info for very similar dupes (like 'if the files are 99.998% similar, follow these rules').

Anonymous 09/15/2020 (Tue) 16:35:56 Id: 345f8b [Preview] No.794 del
In the PTR, there's a tag that's incorrectly applied to a file. I tried to remove it, but in the "manage tags" window, there's no tag there to be removed. As a test to see if it was a sibling that I just wasn't noticing, I petitioned every tag to be removed (to see the -1 on the tags) and that tag DIDN'T have a -1 next to it. What's going on here?

If this is some sort of moderation thing by the people who run the PTR and the tag is unremovable for some reason, then is there some way that I can locally override that, and have it be removed on my client specifically? I know that the tag is incorrect, so it's a little annoying that I can't fix it.

Anonymous Board owner 09/19/2020 (Sat) 21:44:55 Id: 2dd545 [Preview] No.800 del
Hmm, no, that sounds like a bug. There's no 'pinned' tags system atm.

If you type the tag in the manage tags dialog autocomplete, does it appear to be in any siblings? e.g.:

the ghost tag is "character:samus aran"
you type in "samus"
you see "samus aran (will display as character:samus aran)" in the list somewhere

There appears to be a bug in the new siblings code where sometimes a sibling implication does not remove when the base tag it was implicated by is removed. I am still chasing this down. It seems to occur more often from tag changes by the Client API, but it does not sound like you have been using this to edit tags.

I don't have a good maintenance task to fix a small number of bad files in the case of a miscount, but I will write one when I get to the parents cache in a couple of weeks.

Anonymous 09/21/2020 (Mon) 01:13:52 Id: 345f8b [Preview] No.801 del
The tag in question is "2 females", so it appears in plenty of sibling pairs as the "new" sibling. That's why I clicked "petition all tags" to make sure that it wasn't just that I missed a sibling that I didn't know about being displayed as that tag.

>It seems to occur more often from tag changes by the Client API, but it does not sound like you have been using this to edit tags.

I don't even know what that is, so I don't think I'm doing any of that.

It's good that this is a bug though. I thought it might be a feature. Having tags from the PTR that I can't remove, at least in my own DB, would've been a dealbreaker for using the PTR. I can't have the PTR tags eternally ruining my searches and there being nothing I could do to fix it for myself at least.

Anonymous Board owner 10/03/2020 (Sat) 18:18:31 Id: 61634a [Preview] No.807 del
I was able to reproduce this and fix the bug for 414, which should be out on Oct 14th. There should also be some better maintenance tools to fix files' presented tags in these cases. The bug was when you remove two sibling tags that both point to the same thing at once (i.e. in one dialog apply). A quick fix for now is to go back in and add/remove one of those sibling tags to reset the calculation. Thanks again for the report, and I am sorry for the trouble. Let me know if you run into anything else.

Anonymous 10/03/2020 (Sat) 19:52:53 Id: d5019d [Preview] No.808 del
Is there an option to scale the UI somewhere? I just went from a 1080p -> 2160p monitor and I don't like how small everything is now.

Anonymous 10/06/2020 (Tue) 16:50:41 Id: 9b1847 [Preview] No.809 del
There used to be a way to rename your tags to the ones that tag siblings says they should be set to, but I'm guessing that either got migrated or taken away. How do I go about either getting it back, or doing it a better way?

Anonymous 10/06/2020 (Tue) 21:20:05 Id: 0c7cfc [Preview] No.810 del
I really don't understand how to edit the name of tags or delete them.

Anonymous 10/18/2020 (Sun) 23:19:08 Id: 224e62 [Preview] No.813 del
Is it possible to take an existing image, give it a url and have it import tags from that URL? Booru posts are often lower quality, so I manually find and import the high quality versions, but I would like to import the tags from the booru link.

Anonymous 11/08/2020 (Sun) 15:51:24 Id: ce3509 [Preview] No.827 del
Is the "imgur single or subreddit parser" not working for anyone else? When you open it and click on "fetch test data from url" the HTML gets up to "<meta name="msapplicat" and then stops abruptly, and no file urls are found on test parse.
Using v416 on Manjaro Linux

Anonymous Board owner 11/14/2020 (Sat) 19:21:01 Id: 489656 [Preview] No.832 del
At the moment, I do not have options for this. The client tries to pull from your system UI scaling value. I will introduce some better font scaling options in the client.

For now, if you add this text to a new qss file in install_dir/static/qss/, and then set that as your style in options->style, you can force different font sizes:

/* You can set the pt value to whatever you like */

font-size: 14pt

Anonymous Board owner 11/14/2020 (Sat) 19:26:39 Id: 489656 [Preview] No.833 del
Tag siblings and parents are now virtual at all times. Unfortunately, it was too technically complicated to maintain a system that could do both soft and hard replace, and it was too difficult for the PTR janitors to manage clients who could hard-spam variously incorrect tags based on personal sibling relationships. The PTR problem would have only become worse as I added the ability to apply different services' siblings to each other.

So, for now, the ability to hard-replace tags with their preferred siblings is gone. Tags show more reliably as their sibling ideals in normal displays, but they aren't stored that way. The nice thing about this is that siblings (and parents) are now completely undoable in the case of mistakes.

I expect to add in a different system for hard-renaming and so on, for local tag services, in the future. It will be a different system than siblings, probably called 'alias' or similar, as some boorus do.

Anonymous Board owner 11/14/2020 (Sat) 19:35:23 Id: 489656 [Preview] No.834 del
If you want to change how all tags of a certain kind display, for instance changing all 'samus_aran' to 'character:samus aran', you want the 'siblings' system.

If you just want to add or remove tags from a file, select it in the thumbgrid and hit F3 to open the manage tags dialog.

If you want to do really clever large-scale deletes or other operations--although be warned this is advanced--the best tool at the moment is tags->migrate tags.

Anonymous Board owner 11/14/2020 (Sat) 19:42:31 Id: 489656 [Preview] No.835 del
Hmm, I am not sure there is, I am afraid. You can manually jigger rechecks for URLs when the file is actually at the URL, but not a 'get the tags from this URL and apply them somewhere else'.

My current prototype for fetching tags as suggestions for files from individual booru URLs is the 'file lookup script' system, which you can turn on for tag suggestions and can do some iqdb stuff. I was never really happy with the first version of this, but when I update and expand it in future, it would be nice to just be able to say 'hey, grab tags from this URL and stick them on the clipboard' kind of thing.

I will keep this in mind.

Anonymous Board owner 11/14/2020 (Sat) 19:59:29 Id: 489656 [Preview] No.836 del
I am afraid I do not know much about that parser. Since you know what you are doing, a helpful debug routine here can be help->debug->network->fetch a URL. I think that'll give you more error info in case that is giving 401 or something.

Anonymous 11/15/2020 (Sun) 19:14:29 Id: ce3509 [Preview] No.837 del

So it turns out I was just being an idiot, the reason the parser doesn't work is because imgur changed the site somehow and the preview window only shows the first 1000 or so characters of the HTML, I got it working now

Anonymous 11/21/2020 (Sat) 01:53:49 Id: b80790 [Preview] No.841 del
I'm doing a bunch of scripting in Node.js with the API, and I'm hitting a strange edge case where sometimes a fresh session key isn't considered valid for some operations, but goes through fine for others. I'm setting the key in the header, and the /add_tags/get_tag_services will say it's not a valid access key. I assume it hasn't been updated to be aware of session keys. It's not a huge deal, just something that tripped me up that I wanted to mention.

Anonymous Board owner 11/28/2020 (Sat) 22:22:58 Id: e5ef54 [Preview] No.849 del
Thank you, I will check this. It sounds like a bug, yeah something like the session not registering atomically.

Anonymous 11/29/2020 (Sun) 17:19:22 Id: 4bb842 [Preview] No.852 del
When filtering new images in the inbox the tag search settings are not sticking.

The default tag service option is working. Pressing F3 brings up the "My Tags" page first, but like the pic shows, it's not defaulting to "All Known Tags"

Is there a setting I'm missing here? I've tried changing the settings to all combinations all while restarting the client between changes.

Anonymous 12/01/2020 (Tue) 08:56:56 [Preview] No.853 del
Any plans to add a pixel-identical deduplication system? As in, if a duplicate is detected with the "outline fuzzy matching" system then render out the jpeg or bitmap or whatever the file is for each potential duplicate to an array of ARGB and diff it, and if there's no differences run the normal "duplicates of equal quality" operation?

I understand Hydrus can't compare two jpegs to see which one is better, and that if the files aren't exact matches then a human needs to be in the loop somewhere, but I keep running into duplicate photos which have been compressed or had metadata stripped vs the original while in the comparison tool and can't help but feel that comparing identical arrays of bytes should be the computer's job.

Anonymous 12/01/2020 (Tue) 13:37:47 Id: 8490f9 [Preview] No.854 del
There's already a detection algorithm for pixel identical pics, but there's no way to go through them outside the generic duplicate processing thing.
It'd be nice to have some set all pixel duplicates as better based on X/set all pixel duplicates as better based on X and delete option, with X being smaller size, number of tags, or some other parameter.

##+ndD36 12/01/2020 (Tue) 21:47:40 Id: d0d79c [Preview] No.855 del
Hey, I am sorry, some of these options are ending up in disparate locations as I add them incrementally. I should go through all this search/tag shit and unify it to the same location.

To change the default file/tag domains for manage tags window autocompletes, hit tags->manage tags display and search, and then select the specific tag service.

That 'default tag service in search pages' governs the tag domain in autocompletes when you open a search page for finding files. It is normally 'all known tags', but you can set it to 'my tags' or something by default. I need to rename and tooltip all this shit, sorry for the trouble.

Anonymous Board owner 12/01/2020 (Tue) 21:52:09 Id: d0d79c [Preview] No.856 del
This is me, forgot which site I was on.

I want to add a pixel duplicate cache to the database and let you queue up these easy decisions differently in the dupe filter. At the moment, I calculate that on the fly when each pair is loaded, so I can't search for it, so I just have to write a maintenance task for it (and also do some ICC colour profile detection stuff to weed out this special false positive case).

The pixel-duplicate queue will be the first place where I try out automatic duplicate resolution. It will be completely optional, but you'll be able to set 'if a png and a jpeg are exactly the same, say the jpeg is better and delete the png', and it'll activate even on file import with a nice import status to reflect it.

Once we have db cache and automatic decision tech prototyped, we can explore automatic high-confidence jpeg quality comparison too.

I expect dupe improvements to do well on the 'big work' poll I'll put up for Christmas.

Anonymous 12/04/2020 (Fri) 18:12:09 Id: 1806d3 [Preview] No.863 del
Is there a way to select all of a tag without loading it at once?

For example, I have about 25k items in my inbox, and loading them all just freezes the client. I wanted to archive them. Is there a way to just say "archive everything under inbox"? I didn't plan to delete them.

I do have duplicates in there, but to my knowledge the duplicate checker doesn't just apply to the inbox, it can check archived files right? Should be good.

Anonymous 12/04/2020 (Fri) 21:49:37 Id: 4bb842 [Preview] No.864 del
thanks for getting back to me and thank you for clearing that up. i got it how i want it now.

Anonymous 12/04/2020 (Fri) 23:20:32 Id: 1806d3 [Preview] No.865 del
Is the PTR bandwidth limit still 128MB? My client says so, but I read in the docs that the bandwidth limit has been increased because the PTR now has more bandwidth to spare. 128 seems low, but wasn't sure I thought that's what it used to be?
I haven't used Hydrus in about a year, just coming back now.

Also one other question:

/help/getting_started_files.html states this:
>If you want to do private sexy slideshows of your shy wife, that's great, but think twice before you upload files or tags anywhere, particularly as you learn. It is impossible to contain leaks of private information.
Just curious, I read hydrus uploads no *files* anywhere right? It's all hash based? So no pictures or videos are actually being uploaded EVER (no matter which options you select).
Uploads are JUST matching hashes 200% of the time correct? This is what I inferred from the page.
Just wanted to ensure I understand this.

Also is there a way to disable a tag from being uploaded to the PTR? For example if I wanted to tag a bunch of stuff or an import so I can sort through it locally easier, but it would make no sense in the PTR, I can choose not to have it uploaded/blacklist it from being uploaded?

Anonymous 12/05/2020 (Sat) 01:18:22 Id: 1806d3 [Preview] No.866 del
What's the best FOSS Android app with Hydrus support?
I saw Nori with Hydrus support, and Hydrus App, both which are lacking and haven't been updated in over a year.

Anonymous 12/10/2020 (Thu) 02:33:47 Id: 8490f9 [Preview] No.872 del
Is there a way to re-enable infinite scrolling on the tab bar? I like having one page per subscription, but scrolling all the way to the first tab every time is a pain in the ass.

Anonymous 01/02/2021 (Sat) 15:54:16 Id: 5fcd6b [Preview] No.886 del
How hard would it be to implement something in hydrus that watches a folder for new files, imports them upon discovery and then optionally uploads them to a remote instance?

Anonymous 01/05/2021 (Tue) 10:45:09 Id: 66aa8c [Preview] No.887 del
I'm pretty sure you can already set it to watch a folder, though I don't think you can get it to upload stuff.

Anonymous Board owner 01/16/2021 (Sat) 22:36:14 Id: cac9da [Preview] No.908 del
Endchan is becoming the primary /hydrus/ board, and I am deleting the 8kun board within a week. Here is the archive of the latest 8kun Q&A thread:


Anonymous Board owner 01/16/2021 (Sat) 22:44:15 Id: cac9da [Preview] No.909 del
Not yet. Best way for now is to load up the search you want to do the big job on with a 'system:limit=4096' or similar, and then do it in manageable chunks.

You can take that limit off if you want. Just clear the rule for the PTR service under network->data->review bandwidth usage.

I think the new default rule is 512MB. It doesn't matter for existing users, and the guy who runs the PTR wants it removed completely, but I still need it for new users for now because of a maintenance initialisation issue. I don't want people processing 2GB of data before first round of idle maintenance kicks in.

It shouldn't matter once you are synced, as most update days are far less than the limits, it just spreads out initial sync over a more easily digestible duration.

For your hashes question, yes, files are not uploaded when you add tags, just hashes. I will never upload anything unless you specifically say it. The theory behind the shy wife scenario is you tag a whole bunch of stuff in the PTR, sharing that with thousands of anons, and then years later the images leak and some lad looks them up and see you helpfully tagged them all with name info.

A client by default comes with a 'my tags' tag service that is local only. You can create more local tag services under services->manage services as well. Any time you enter tags or set up tags to be added with a download using tag import options, you should see 'my tags' listed beside 'PTR' and any other tag services. Those are the different partitions you are putting tags into. 'My tags' is completely private, 'PTR' is shared with everyone.

If you want to add 'favourite' or 'process these wallpapers later' tags, put them in a local tag service like 'my tags'. PTR is best for booru-style tags, entered manually or via a downloader and tag import options.

Anonymous Board owner 01/16/2021 (Sat) 22:47:57 Id: cac9da [Preview] No.910 del
I have to do more work on my end before apps can be more user friendly, unfortunately. It will come in time.

There's an annoying issue with Qt tabs and the way I rename tabs according to file count. More info in options->gui pages. Best solution, although it sucks, is to have nested 'page of pages' (e.g. "subs a-m" "subs n-z") and just multiple rows of page tabs that don't make the scroll arrows.

Yeah, you can do some neat auto-importing under file->import/export folders->manage import folders.

Hydrus can't do much uploading at the moment, but if you have another tool that can pull from a folder and auto-upload from there, then perhaps an 'export folder' under the same menu could do the job for you.

Anonymous Board owner 01/16/2021 (Sat) 22:54:44 Id: cac9da [Preview] No.911 del

Archive.is did not catch the last post of that thread, so I'll paste it here for the mpv anon:


This is some developer bullshit unfortunately. You don't need mpv, but 'libmpv1'. You should be able to get it with apt.

Anonymous 01/17/2021 (Sun) 02:59:20 Id: aa22e7 [Preview] No.917 del
>This is some developer bullshit unfortunately. You don't need mpv, but 'libmpv1'. You should be able to get it with apt.
I did.
Thanks anon.

Anonymous 01/17/2021 (Sun) 23:52:29 Id: 004d92 [Preview] No.920 del
Not sure how best to reply cross-site, but I'm the anon trying to download their privated Pixiv bookmarks. I am currently logged in through the companion, and I can grab r-18 works, but the bookmark downloader still only grabs my public bookmarks. This is obviously not a dev problem since it has to do with downloaders, but I had hoped a community member could help.

Anonymous 01/18/2021 (Mon) 18:15:14 Id: 638f48 [Preview] No.922 del
Can someone help me understand what parsing scripts are for, and how to use them?

Are they to improve the amount of tags that are found for images? Like a reverse search?

Anonymous 01/19/2021 (Tue) 02:07:36 Id: 638f48 [Preview] No.923 del
(20.37 KB 674x801 hairypits.png)
Two Questions:

1) Are tags with spaces, automatically recognized as tags with underscores too? For example, when managing siblings, if the parent is just as a rough example 'armpit hair', and I wanted to add 'hairy armpits' as a sibling, does this also mean I need to add 'hairy_armpits'?
It seems like I do by looking at siblings, some have underscores, some have spaces.

2) Managing tag siblings area is kinda confusing. The docs look out of date.
So if I were to add the tags in my first question, how should this be done?

I right click a tag, click 'add siblings to armpit hair'
and I am presented with this dialog (pic).

So if I want to add two siblings, it looks like I need to do so on the bottom right? But it only lets me add one, if I add a second, it just replaces what shows up.

If I type 'hairy armpits' in the bottom right box, then click add in the top right, it then asks to enter a reason for armpit hair->hairy armpits.

This makes it seem like, it's trying to replace the parent tag of 'armpit hair' to be 'hairy armpits', which is not my goal. My goal is to add 'hairy armpits' as a sibling.

I am a bit confused on these dialogs. They're labeled kinda unclear to me.

Anonymous 01/19/2021 (Tue) 02:58:05 Id: 638f48 [Preview] No.925 del
Is the PTR redundant in anyway? Or is it a big point of failure?

If so, would it not make sense to try to fix this?
With over 650m tags, that's absolutely massive.

Redundancy is important.
I know there are a few exports and backups, but I mean something fairly automatic and decentralized.

I see nothing on the Hydrus website about this.

Anonymous 01/19/2021 (Tue) 18:29:16 Id: 7d76f5 [Preview] No.928 del
How can you make two images "related"? If you can? Like I have an image that is a "before" and an image that is an "after" and wonder if there can be some kind of link between them?

Anonymous 01/19/2021 (Tue) 22:23:43 Id: a7da80 [Preview] No.929 del
(382.95 KB 1804x418 out.png)
If you go to network -> data -> cookies you can create a pixiv cookie and then copy your login info from your browser(F12 -> application -> cookies on chrome). I think all you need is the PHPSESSID and __cfduid. I'm not sure if there's a way to log in through the companion.
A parser is what looks at the code in a page and takes stuff out like links and text.
Take this page for example https://gelbooru.com/index.php?page=post&s=view&id=5825934
If you press f12 you can see the html code that the page is build from. If you download that page through hydrus the parser will look at the html it receives from that page to detect the link for the image it should download and the text it should interpret as tags for that image.
The PTR is just a centralized repo for the tags. The PTR tags themselves are saved on your computer.
It is a single point of failure, but due to the offline nature of the data it isn't that bad.
There's file relationships like alternates and custom ones, but I don't think there's a good way to have before/after relationships that way.
There's the page: and title: namespaces which are sometimes used in the PTR though. Those are pretty useful for image sets and mangos.

Anonymous Board owner 01/20/2021 (Wed) 05:02:27 Id: eac545 [Preview] No.933 del
The plan to move to Endchan only has changed!

Sorry for the sudden change, this all came together this week!

Codexx on 8chan.moe has kindly offered to host me on /t/ over there. As I have never been a comfortable BO, this is a much better solution for me as the primary place to talk Anon about hydrus.

I will be maintaining a Hydrus Network General, the first instance is here: https://8chan.moe/t/res/2219.html

The links in the release tomorrow will reflect this. Endchan will remain as a bunker.

Anonymous Board owner 01/20/2021 (Wed) 05:18:12 Id: eac545 [Preview] No.937 del
Hmm, I am not sure. Perhaps the API the downloader uses puts private URLs in a different location, even if they are now technically accessible. I am afraid I do not know much about the current state of pixiv parsing.

If this is a one-shot job, you might have luck messing around with either extracting your private faves' URLs as a list using your browsers developer tools, and then pasting them all in to a hydrus URL downloader page, or if you are ok trying out some simple hydrus parsing, perhaps you can figure out a way to autoparse that with a 'simple downloader' page and its very simple 'parsing formulae' to do the same job of just ripping a list of URLs the client is otherwise ok to download. Then you would just be pasting a bunch of 'private fave' gallery pages into the simple downloader page.

Anonymous Board owner 01/20/2021 (Wed) 05:29:25 Id: eac545 [Preview] No.938 del
1) I have somewhat recently started treating 'blue_eyes' and 'blue eyes' as the same when you type in tags for tag autocomplete results--if you type either, you will get results for both--but they are different tags in hydrus. If there are a bunch of 'hairy_armpits' results beside 'hairy armpits', you will want to sibling them if you want to merge.

The same is true for some other punctuation characters. '[intensifies]' is the same as 'intensifies', etc... But these rules only apply to searching for tag autocomplete results, not files.

As the sibling system matures, I expect I will write a 'just merge all underscores into whitespace m8' master checkbox somewhere. I am someone who would prefer things this way in my own client, essentially banning an underscore from being in a tag, but a number of users prefer strongly to have underscores available.

2)Yes, unfortunately I just finished a large round of reworks to siblings and parents at the end of last year. Some things work much nicer, but the edit workflows are still bad and the docs are out of date. I will keep working on it and parents this year. At some point I want to do away with the hellish pair system and have some nice graph UI that you can just drag and drop arrows around, but that is still a dream.

In that dialog, any tag on the left will be replaced by that on the right. Since tags can only be replaced by one tag, you can have a bunch on the left, but only one on the right. Often in the program and help I write a shorthand style or UI pattern of "A->B", which means 'tag A siblinged to tag B' or 'tag A should appear as tag B in the UI'. If you want 'hairy armpits' to appear as 'armpit hair', put 'hairy armpits' on the left, and 'armpit hair' on the right.

I should update that 'add siblings' text label to be something like 'make this tag appear as something else with siblings'. What do you think would be a good label?

I am also likely to rename the siblings and parents systems. This has been an ongoing discussion. Many boorus use 'alias' and 'implication', which I like much more, and is less confusing.

Anonymous 01/20/2021 (Wed) 08:36:30 Id: a7da80 [Preview] No.941 del
Is there any way to skip the "this network has had several errors recently" error? I'm trying to download from a booru that went down a few times today, but the error stays for way too long and I don't know how to tell hydrus that I know the site is back up.

Anonymous 01/20/2021 (Wed) 13:21:01 [Preview] No.942 del
No, please don't do this. I don't ever plan to visit that FBI honeypot, and I'm sure I'm not alone in my hatred of the place.
>Codexx on 8chan.moe has kindly offered to host me on /t/ over there.
Yeah, the same way a leopard looks 'kindly' on an antelope I'm sure! :^)
>As I have never been a comfortable BO, this is a much better solution for me as the primary place to talk Anon about hydrus.
Then simply turn over your management to a caring volunteer here. That would be a far better solution than getting in bed with those enemies of imageboards at fbichan.mark .

Of course it's your choice to make this big mistake. If you do that and remove this place, then I'd have to say goodbye since I'll never see you over on the honeypot site.

Anonymous 01/20/2021 (Wed) 20:00:02 Id: 638f48 [Preview] No.943 del
Still a bit confused still on the tag siblings thing.
If I type 'armpit hair' on the left dialog, it shows all the aliases at the top.
So if I want to add two siblings to 'armpit hair', lets say 'hairy armpits' and 'hairy_armpits' just as an example, I would type one of these on the right box, then click the add button, then ok on the popup.

Then I would do this again?

It doesn't seem like I can just say to make both of those a sibling in one go.

If I remove 'armpit hair' from the left, the siblings go away above, so it seems like that should be there.

The left is the parent, the right is where you type a desired sibling correct?


Typed that before I tried it, just tried it and it looked like what I just did replaced 'armpit hair' with 'hairy_armpits' which was not my intention although I submitted it. Not sure but I would suggest denying that change that I submitted to the PTR lmao sorry.

So yeah I'm very confused still.

Anonymous 01/21/2021 (Thu) 17:46:08 Id: a17256 [Preview] No.948 del
I fucked up on tag parenting and made the intended parent a child and vice versa. Is there a way to invert the parent/child tag relationship? If not how do I remove the status entirely so I can redo it? Looking through the tutorial it looks like there's a delete option on an old version but I'm on 416 and don't see it.

Anonymous 01/22/2021 (Fri) 19:53:55 Id: 638f48 [Preview] No.950 del
Is it normal for tag processing to take forever? I've had it running for almost 2 days straight now.
Only at like 350/1k processed?

Anonymous 01/26/2021 (Tue) 05:11:32 Id: a054e5 [Preview] No.951 del
Sankaku gallery tag searches that include the 6+girls tag are stopping at the end of the first page of results for me. I assume the + sign is messing it up somehow. Is there some way I can tweak the query so that it will run properly?

Anonymous 02/03/2021 (Wed) 08:56:19 Id: 4cdefe [Preview] No.957 del
How does hydrus handle gelboru's blacklist cookie? I think I did something wrong in either the header or the session cookie and now hydrus ignores my blacklist whenever I try to download a tag.

Anonymous 02/04/2021 (Thu) 00:25:34 Id: 638f48 [Preview] No.958 del
When adding a tag to multiple files using the tag manager, it asks to either pend or petition the tag to the files.

What exactly is the difference?
I always clicked pend, I thought it was like append, but I just looked at the definition and it says "to remain undecided or unsettled. to hang." lol. So I was using that wrong I think

Does this mean all the tags I pended applied to the files, but won't go to the PTR?

Or does this only mean, they will only be local, until Hydrus runs the commit to PTR scheduler?
Where as if I petitioned them, they'd go directly to the PTR for review?

Didn't find any area on the docs that literally just explained those two buttons and what they did. I would suggest making that clearer.

Anonymous 02/04/2021 (Thu) 14:35:04 Id: 638f48 [Preview] No.960 del
can an option for encrypted database backups be added
this makes it easier to sync with a remote server rather than needing to encrypt it manually which could possibly fuck up the database.
also it's safe to have syncthing or rsync or borgbackup to actively monitor the backup folder for backups correct i know some programs may cause the database to corrupt. and does it matter if the sync is read only or write only or both.

Anonymous 02/04/2021 (Thu) 15:34:05 Id: 638f48 [Preview] No.961 del
>also it's safe to have syncthing or rsync or borgbackup to actively monitor the backup folder for backups correct i know some programs may cause the database to corrupt. and does it matter if the sync is read only or write only or both.
mistype, this was a question. it should be "Is it safe" not "It's safe"

Anonymous 02/07/2021 (Sun) 21:43:05 Id: 638f48 [Preview] No.963 del
What is the database backup backing up that is 50gb more than the size of the actual db?
How boned shoes my db is around 70gb, after updating my backup, my backup is 111gb in size.

Anonymous 02/13/2021 (Sat) 20:05:41 Id: 638f48 [Preview] No.974 del
Is it possible to remote control Hydrus from another computer running Hydrus?

For example, if I install Hydrus on computer 2, Hydrus 1 would be the host. If I'm on computer 2, I could pass links to have them download on Hydrus 1, I could also view all images and search stuff from Hydrus 1 on Hydrus 2.

It'd essentially be connecting to Hydrus 1, from Hydrus 2.
Nothing gets downloaded on Hydrus 2, it just is a remote control for Hydrus 1.

I know you can use the API for stuff like this, but I couldn't figure out if I can connect to the API from another Hydrus Network install. Not seeing where I would do that.

Anonymous 02/17/2021 (Wed) 11:41:58 Id: f86e83 [Preview] No.977 del
I made a ton of changes to various preinstalled url classes and parsers. How do I update hydrus without having them all overwritten with defaults?

Anonymous 02/18/2021 (Thu) 16:42:25 Id: cc0581 [Preview] No.983 del
how could i use the PTR to tag images that are already in my db?

Anonymous 02/19/2021 (Fri) 22:21:44 Id: 638f48 [Preview] No.986 del
Tags are automatically grabbed for images in your db that it finds matches for.
You can also manually tag stuff.

Anonymous 02/20/2021 (Sat) 20:11:46 Id: eac545 [Preview] No.991 del
Hey, I am sorry, catching up after a long delay.

Not yet. Some network job controls let you override error delay from the little cog icon, but there's a domain-level block I have hardcoded atm. Ultimately, I will expose that system in some new UI to govern current domain status across the program and let you reset it.

I would like to maintain a bunker for those who are uncomfortable. I hope we can keep talking here.

I have improved some of the UI labels on this dialog. I hope it is more obvious now. basically you put the 'bad' tag(s) on the left, and the 'good' tag on the right.

The list at the top is what is currently stored in your database. When as you enter tags in the bottom, either side, the UI shows what those are already involved in, so you can see if you are overwriting or joining existing relationships.

One of these days I will carve out a few months to write the whole thing and have drag and drop networks of arrows.

Anonymous 02/20/2021 (Sat) 20:16:58 Id: eac545 [Preview] No.992 del
Hey, I think we already spoke elsewhere. If not, there is no way to do this en masse. But if you just have one or two parent relationships to change, just enter in what you actually want, and the dialog should say like 'hey, this conflicts with what is already stored, do you want to overwrite?', and if you hit yes, it will automatically petition for the old stuff to be deleted.

If you are on an HDD, unfortunately yes. I do not recommend syncing to the PTR on an HDD any more. There are just too many tags. About a billion mappings in the current PTR, which is ~42GB of complicated data on your drive.

If you are on an SSD, most users get around 1,000 to 5,000 rows a second once they are synced. You should see peaks of 50,000+ when you are earlier in sync.

If you are only getting 100 rows a second or similar, please pause your sync. If you are on an HDD, I recommend you pause it permanently and resume whenever you next update your hardware. If you are on SSD with those kinds of speeds, please let me know. Sending me some profiles as under help->debug->profile modes would be helpful so I can see what is going on.

Thank you, I believe this is now fixed. It turns out before '6+girls' was only working when it was mixed with other tags in a multi-tag query. Let me know if you still have trouble.

Anonymous 02/20/2021 (Sat) 20:27:22 Id: eac545 [Preview] No.993 del
I do not know much about this myself, but I think this is the current guide:

If you did that and it still doesn't work, I guess hit network->data->review session cookies and then clear everything and try again.

In hydrus, pend is add, petition is remove. Let's say you open a manage tags dialog on 10 files, 6 of which have 'character:samus aran'. You then double-click that tag. You then have the options:

pend samus to 4 (add that tag to the other four that don't have it yet)
petition samus from 6 (remove it from the six that do have it)

The terms 'pend' and 'petition' are different from 'add' and 'delete', yeah, because when you are talking to the PTR, all changes you make wait in the 'pending' menu up top. They only actually become 'real' when you commit by uploading to the server. You get the little (+) and (-) symbols after the tags, meaning they are 'waiting' to be added/deleted.

Thank you, I will clean up the help on this, and the UI.

Encryption is notoriously difficult to get right. I am not confident I can do as good a job as third party programs, so I strongly recommend you figure out a solution using one of them. Hydrus works completely fine out of a mounted encrypted partition as ciphershed-style software will create.

Syncing to a remote server is not as simple in this situation, but perhaps a program that encrypts individual files would fit into your workflow. Or if your remote connection is secure, and the client and server are also operating out of encrypted containers you trust, it may work.

It is generally not safe to touch the database file while the client is running. I know google-cloud backup has corrupted a hydrus database it was watching. I recommend you only do backups while the client is shut down.

Anonymous 02/20/2021 (Sat) 20:33:05 Id: eac545 [Preview] No.994 del
Are you synced with the PTR? That makes your four client.db files about 40-50GB now. The internal backup is basically just a copy of your 'install_dir/db' folder, which is:

The four client*.db files.
256 'fxx' file folders under 'client_files' folder
256 'txx' thumbnail folders under 'client_files' folder

Not much yet. Everything at the moment is here:


You can queue up URLs for download and fetch simple searches back, and files/thumbnails.

I hope to keep expanding it, including eventual full session control so you can make new pages and so on.

Giving them new names should do it. The basic 'new defaults' overwrite I use in my update (whenever I say 'rolled in a new blahbooru url class' in a changelog) works on name.

Yep, mostly you just have to wait for sync. It'll take a couple of weeks, and you need to have an SSD with 50GB of space. As long as your files are 'popular', the same as those stored on the big boorus and other gallery sites, you'll see the tags given to them by other anons on hydrus.

Anonymous 02/21/2021 (Sun) 18:03:15 Id: d7fc6b [Preview] No.996 del
(64.32 KB 1604x534 this is fine.png)

Anonymous 02/27/2021 (Sat) 15:53:18 Id: 46039b [Preview] No.1003 del
does it have the ability to strictly isolate local file/tag repos within the same client yet? (e.g. separating sfw from nsfw content completely)

poked around at the latest version for awhile this morning and read a lot of the changelog but didnt see anything obvious -- collections look close but not quite? i remember reading months ago about strides dev was making toward this, and i usually do read the release changelogs, but havent heard much abt this in awhile

Anonymous 02/27/2021 (Sat) 18:11:41 Id: 638f48 [Preview] No.1004 del
Could a way to automatically save tabs be added?
For example, if I have a tab for watched threads, and accidentally close it, it seems I lose all my watched threads in there?

For some reason, it seemed to do this earlier, although I don't remember closing it, but yeah. I have to go back in and reinput all the links to be watched now.

Anonymous 02/27/2021 (Sat) 18:54:16 Id: 46039b [Preview] No.1005 del
you can manually save a session of your pages, which can then be appended to an existing session if you accidentally close that tab. see the 'pages' menu -> 'sessions.'

making this automatic is already implemented in two ways:
- there's session restore, and a decent history of previous sessions saved.
- the 'undo' menu. you can reopen a closed tab within the same client session.

does reopening that page from the undo menu not preserve the tab's configuration for for a watched thread page? is that what you're asking for being improved?

Anonymous 02/27/2021 (Sat) 22:44:08 Id: 638f48 [Preview] No.1006 del
>see the 'pages' menu -> 'sessions.'
ah okay, this is what I was looking for.
>You can queue up URLs for download and fetch simple searches back, and files/thumbnails.
I'm confused on your reply here, you're saying it IS possible to use Hydrus Network client on a second computer to remote control it's just limited?

I am familiar with the client api, as I am using Lolisnatcher Droid with Hydrus for mobile.

My question is basically, where do I go to input the client api information on the secondary Hydrus Network client.
And how does it grab the pages? Do I just go to new page, and choose files and search and it pulls everything from my other Hydrus client?

I'm just confused on the setup on the remote machine when using Hydrus Network client.

Also unrelated, but if I may suggest adding Nginx example configurations to the Hydrus docs.

Anonymous 03/02/2021 (Tue) 17:49:15 Id: 985d56 [Preview] No.1007 del
Is there any way to force a download from a server? I'm just using this to sync files across personal computers, so it seems pointless to wait a whole day for updates to sync.

Anonymous 03/05/2021 (Fri) 03:50:28 Id: 2785f9 [Preview] No.1013 del
Hydrus is extremely bloated, I think it would be amazing to see it come with the bare minimum, then allow users to add on whatever features they want.
This would allow for better security, better performance, less bloat, and I would imagine a bit easier to maintain and focus on stuff individually during development.

On a sidenote, is it possible to move the PTR to one drive, but keep hydrus and the db on another? I see no options to select ptr location.

I also think the docs need a major revision, and a search box.


Anonymous 03/05/2021 (Fri) 11:58:49 Id: 224e62 [Preview] No.1014 del
I'm using some external tools to dedupe files from the client_files folder. Is there a way to have hydrus scan the database for missing files and remove their entries? Right now I'm just going through each file in hydrus, find one throwing an error message, and then manually delete it from the database.

Anonymous 03/06/2021 (Sat) 09:50:49 Id: 4cdefe [Preview] No.1015 del
>I do not know much about this myself, but I think this is the current guide:
>If you did that and it still doesn't work, I guess hit network->data->review session cookies and then clear everything and try again.
Back again over this issue, I've tried both methods and still can't get it to pick up my blacklist. Should I try making an issue over on that github?

Anonymous 03/07/2021 (Sun) 03:26:50 Id: 638f48 [Preview] No.1016 del
>It is generally not safe to touch the database file while the client is running
I don't mean set rsync on the entire database directory.

I mean in Hydrus when you "update database backup", it backs it up to a separate folder of choice. So it's syncing the folder hydrus backs up the db to, not the hydrus db itself.

Is it safe to set rsync on the folder hydrus backs up to is my question?

Anonymous 03/12/2021 (Fri) 00:35:55 Id: e86c30 [Preview] No.1023 del
Is there a quick way to transfer or send an image with all the tags url info etc to another database?
I wish i could just drang and drop because the current db i have on a usb drive is now full

Anonymous 03/14/2021 (Sun) 16:10:27 Id: c59b6b [Preview] No.1024 del
Is there a way to automatically tag images with the page: namespace? I want to import a 100+ page comic so I really don't want to do it manually

Anonymous 03/15/2021 (Mon) 07:14:54 Id: 95d86c [Preview] No.1025 del
Use the add tags before importing button and you can add sequential page tags, or use regular expressions to grab the page number from the filenames

Anonymous 03/15/2021 (Mon) 15:18:46 Id: c59b6b [Preview] No.1026 del
I'm going from the site directly to hydrus through a gallery importer, I guess I'll maybe try to script the download or something in that case.

Anonymous 03/17/2021 (Wed) 06:03:30 [Preview] No.1027 del
Hi, we talked about supporting the project with translations (of the help files) before and I've only now gotten the glorious idea to ask you in what way submitting them would be the best/easiest to handle to you.

Also once the URL mappings maybe turn hydrus into the next torrent network, do you have any ideas on how to keep the annoying pairing of bad content and lawyers out?

Anonymous 03/20/2021 (Sat) 08:52:14 Id: 5a90e3 [Preview] No.1033 del
I've tried to log in to sankaku, it seems to login just fine, but I still cannot download lolis, even through Hydrus Companion.

Anonymous 03/20/2021 (Sat) 23:05:43 Id: e86c30 [Preview] No.1034 del
im trying to mass delete files and leave a custom reason/comment. this turned out to be so slow, is it because its on a usb drive, or can i tweak something in the options to speed things up?

Anonymous 05/07/2021 (Fri) 02:07:05 Id: e86c30 [Preview] No.1063 del
any way to limit the gallery downloader window from getting too long when you start adding items?

Anonymous 06/03/2021 (Thu) 13:51:43 Id: fdd013 [Preview] No.1082 del
Is there any documentation at all for the new docker container? The suika one stopped updating

Anonymous 07/03/2021 (Sat) 22:00:14 Id: d7fc6b [Preview] No.1097 del
How do I construct an API call that would search the files by tag as number? What about by date?

Anonymous 07/08/2021 (Thu) 19:54:19 Id: ca5173 [Preview] No.1102 del
Is it possible to just grab the tags used in the PTR without syncing to it? I have an HDD and can't sync the entire thing because of it. If I can just grab the tags I don't need to worry about fucking up tags later when I do sync.

Anonymous 07/29/2021 (Thu) 00:56:05 Id: a0e000 [Preview] No.1111 del
can the program import tags from famous booru sites (sankaku, gelbooru, rule34, danbooru...)? i have been using an addon for firefox that downloads images from booru sites into /folder/copywrite/artist+character+website+MD5 hash. and now i have over 40k files divided over 2k folders with very niche copywrite names and artists. all handpicked and downloaded over like 7 years period. its getting way too big for me to consider organising these files into a respectable gallery manually. and i barely open that folder because it makes me depressed and im more used to the booru tag system by now because it does the job and there is more content being added there. but at the same time i dont wanna snap and shift+del the folder because i know i have some good shit there.
i haven't tried this software yet but i'd really love if it can grab the file md5 hash and import all of its tags from other booru sites. such function would be a huge help. then i can go on and manually decide what pics and other files are worth keeping and what is not.

Anonymous 08/03/2021 (Tue) 16:37:39 Id: 987563 [Preview] No.1112 del
noob question: how do I cancel the backups ?

Anonymous 08/16/2021 (Mon) 11:32:23 Id: 9a34ee [Preview] No.1120 del
Is there an undocumented length limit on the system:tag as number comparison queries? The GUI won't let me enter more than 8 digits for the ~ < > operations, while I need 9 for my custom ids and 10 for dates as numbers. The client api also finds nothing for those queries.

Anonymous 11/12/2021 (Fri) 21:28:32 Id: 1d310a [Preview] No.1166 del
(18.86 KB 599x400 1623780545280.jpg)
Probably a stupid question, but I haven't found an answer anywhere else in this thread or the documentation. Basically, I want to be able to add tags while at my laptop, while having the massive database on my server. Does the client and database need to be operating on the same computer or no?

Anonymous 11/13/2021 (Sat) 02:40:13 Id: 92e0da [Preview] No.1167 del
(83.36 KB 703x709 1635410342528.png)
why is it my hydrus not getting the nsfw pics from pixiv? I already log into my account

Win Installer remembering filepath Anonymous 11/18/2021 (Thu) 06:24:59 Id: 2948ed [Preview] No.1171 del
(19.51 KB 498x391 8CVQVl2D4V.png)
I've changed the install dir from the original install (it was on E:, now it's on C: since it's an SSD)

When using the Windows Installer to do my updates, it remembers the old file path, and when changing to the new file path it wants to overwrite my existing install rather than update.

Is there a way to clear the cache? Or have it detect an existing install?

Filenaming for DA Anonymous 11/23/2021 (Tue) 23:11:25 Id: 0b421b [Preview] No.1172 del
How do you get the filenames for Deviantart images to have the name of the artist and the title of the image they post with the end numbers you see in the link?
For example this link image on DA:https://www.deviantart.com/expressthechaos/art/Martian-base-895652671

Numbers at the end Link ArtistName - TitleName image
And this is how it would look for example:

895652671 expressthechaos - Martian base

Anonymous 11/28/2021 (Sun) 10:41:48 Id: efd316 [Preview] No.1177 del
Is there a way to collect files by tags beyond what Hydrus presents me by default (chapter, creator, etc.)? If not, are there any plans to implement this in the future?

Anonymous 04/23/2022 (Sat) 09:24:27 Id: aab907 [Preview] No.1269 del
Pretty confused by the vague documentation at the getting started for the server and client setup.

I am making account types, and I made one with the title downloader.

It tells you to give it the get_data permission, but from what I can see there is no way to do that. There is nothing for setting permissions like that anywhere, no further explaination at all on the faq.

Anonymous 04/23/2022 (Sat) 09:27:00 Id: aab907 [Preview] No.1270 del
(22.40 KB 429x556 Capture.PNG)
here's what i mean, the documentation is repeatedly vague and so i just can't find where im supposed to set that permission. It's not here.

Anonymous 04/23/2022 (Sat) 09:29:25 Id: aab907 [Preview] No.1271 del
secondly, i'm not sure how im supposed to actually connect to this from another machine locally, am i expected to just my OS's native network share function and just have sort of a shared installation across machines accessing my hydrus locally?

I was hoping for htis to be an easy way to access and manage all my images across PCs

Anonymous 04/24/2022 (Sun) 09:09:08 Id: aab907 [Preview] No.1272 del
fucking hell this is some trashy ass software
ill just use a samba server

Anonymous 05/22/2022 (Sun) 14:04:43 Id: 908cd8 [Preview] No.1295 del
i've been using the PTR for a while, and most of the tagging I've done has been done in the PTR rather than my tags. but i think the PTR is taking up too much space on my SSD

if i use "migrate tags" with the default settings, can i copy the PTR tags to the local my tags for JUST the files that I currently have, so that I can remove the PTR without losing all the tagging I've done up till now?

Anonymous 06/22/2022 (Wed) 07:02:30 Id: d26dbb [Preview] No.1305 del
How do I dl danbooru pools & groups?

Anonymous 06/23/2022 (Thu) 12:20:24 [Preview] No.1308 del
The e621 login script seems to be half-broken: when trying to login it consistently gets blocked by cloudflare, but when testing it on the "edit login script" page it works perfectly.
This happens even on the same IP, and with less than a minute between both tests.
Anyone has a clue as to what might be causing this difference?

Anonymous 06/23/2022 (Thu) 22:53:58 Id: 35424d [Preview] No.1309 del
when using stuff like "collect by title" in the search page, is it possible to sort by random for the overall results page but sort by page number within the individual collection?

e.g. say I have a few titled image sets with red_hair tag, with 2-10 images in each. when I sort by random I would like to see a random image set, but then as I scroll through the page I want to see page 1, page 2, page 3 etc from that image set. right now, if I sort by random and group by title, I will see pages in a random order like 6,10,4,1,9, etc

Anonymous 06/28/2022 (Tue) 01:53:37 Id: 6aedd7 [Preview] No.1310 del
Is there way for nitter importer to apply post date as file metadata date and if it is possible for multiple images in one tweet to have relationship between each other?

Anonymous 08/04/2022 (Thu) 09:47:57 Id: 11b02b [Preview] No.1336 del
How could I set Hydrus to download the entirety of e621? I'm new to Hydrus but want to backup the site due to how much seems to get removed from it

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