Anonymous Board owner 08/18/2021 (Wed) 22:45:00 Id: dc7d79 No.1124 del
- boring database cleanup:
- to cut down on redundant spam, the new query planner profile mode only plans each unique query text once per run of the mode
- also fixed an issue in the query planner with multiple-row queries with an empty list argument
- refactored the tag sibling and parent database storage and lookup code out to separate db modules
- untangled and optimised a couple of sibling/parent lookup chain regeneration calls
- moved more sibling and parent responsibility to the new modules, clearing some inline hardcoding out of the main class
- cleaned up a bunch of sibling, parent, and display code generally, and improved communication between these modules, particularly in regards to update interactions and display sync
- the similar files data tables are migrated to more appropriate locations. previously, they were all in client.caches.db, now the phash definition and file mapping tables are in master, and the similar files search record is now in main

next week

I've managed to catch up on some critical issues, and some IRL stuff also eased up, so I have some breathing room. I want to put some more time into multiple local file services, which has been delayed, likely some way to search over previously deleted files.