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- misc:
- when a downloader page fetch gives a 500 Server Error, it is now handled better, status numbers are updated to 'failed' quickly, and I believe the post-500 downloader deadlock issue (downloaders staying as 'pending', not 'working', after several of these 500s) should also be fixed (issue #898 maybe, but many other reports also)
- when finishing a very large archive/delete filter, the UI should not hang so much to commit the changes. the changes may be delayed a second or more, if your client is currently chugging, so if you are a user who hits F5 real quick after committing archive/delete, let me know how you get on. I've tried to mitigate for your situation, but it may not be perfect.(issue #845)
- the Edit URL Class dialog will now refuse to OK if the API Converter fails.
- the Edit URL Class dialog will now put up an 'are you sure?' messagebox if the URL Class matches its own example API URL
- fixed some gallery error handling when a gallery cannot be parsed
- improved 'cannot parse' error reporting text to include more information
- the client api /manage_pages/add_files command should now always preserve the sort of both the file_ids or hashes parameter
- fixed an instance where image bitmaps were being handled incorrectly (issue #876)
- the client will no longer report shutdown work due for a repository when the work is on a currently paused content type
- fixed some logic related to the advanced tag option of 'fetch page even if url recognised and already in db'
- improved the error message when an unlucky duplicate boot causes a locked database error
- I rearranged and clarified a couple of links in the 'advanced' area of the help index page
- added some help texts and tooltips to the edit checker options dialog and fixed some borked layout
- did a quick hack to fix some db repair code that wasn't dealing with some missing module information. I will brush the repair code up in the near future so that modules can repair themselves

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