USA Anonymous 06/30/2020 (Tue) 14:58:59 No.353 del
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Does anyone else think Americans are too prideful of themselves. I feel like they're extremely self centered and it makes it really frustrating to talk with them. I know the Jews control the country but why do Americans have such patriotism while at the same time they loathe themselves. It's something I've never quite understood. It's hard to discuss this because one side calls you racist and the other calls you anti white. You must uncover the flaws of the character of a people before you can go about fixing them and that's something Americans really want to avoid. I get that some Americans can be pretty defensive when it comes to things like their ethnicity because of all the divisive mongrel bullshit being pushed and obviously we all know who's promoting that type of propaganda. However that doesn't mean Americans are immune to criticism. I feel people use scapegoats to reflect any sort of criticism towards themselves and it makes it hard to discuss any sort of faults. It's great to love your country and your people but you should always be willing to look at your people from differing perspectives.