Anonymous 06/30/2020 (Tue) 22:48:16 No.363 del
America is such a melting pot that any European cuisine that you can think of and you enjoy, there is an American version that is pretty good if you find the right place. This is also true for homes in America. We cook what was passed down from our European ancestors.
Other than that, it's regional. If up in New England, the clam chowder and lobster tends to be very good. Or any kind of shellfish-based cuisine.
In New York, the pizza is very good, as well as the Indian, Pakistani and Asian restaurants.
In Philadelphia, the hot sandwiches are very good: cheesesteaks as well as sandwiches with Italian names that you can find in certain food trucks and pizzerias. There's a small chain in Philadelphia called "Primo Subs" that makes great sandwiches.
Out west, especially Texas, the barbecue food is very good: steaks, chops, ribs, and all the sides that go with them. If you're ever in Texas, find one of those family meal-style restaurants where everyone sits at a long wooden table.
This covers regions I've been to and eaten in. But from what I've heard, seafood stews are very good in the south, especially Louisiana, namely jambalaya and gumbo. Hot dogs from food trucks and pizzerias are very good in Chicago. Tacos are very good in California.

For generic American food, fried chicken is always good, as long as you stay away from the fast food chains (except Church's, they are very good). Chili seems to be good everywhere. It's tough to find bad chili. If you find a diner, order breakfast food like pancakes or eggs. Also, diners usually have very good burgers. High-end steakhouses are usually quality with big portions. And, they're rare now, but if you can find an independent, non-corporate donut shop, donuts are amazing. That's all I can think of right now.