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I reply here coz it's offtopic in the news thread.
So the research of the Hungarian prehistory went like this.
First everyone thought evident that Hungarians were related to the Scythians and Huns, the Árpád dynasty is the descendant of Attila's family. Sources said that, tradition said that. Then in the 19th century the science of history evolved a lot and historians started to include the results of other sciences, newly emerged ones, chiefly two, archaeology and linguistics. Our historians also saw that sources ain't saying much about Hungarians in the pre-Conquest times, well that's why that part is called prehistory...
Anyway, archaeology can't really say about the recovered artifacts who used them, what was the ethnicity of those guys, but frankly as far as they can follow Hungarians by the findings it seems they always had the same typical steppe culture. But in the 19th century Hungarian archaeology was still walked in it's kid shoes and weren't many results to go on.
However linguistic was in the rise everywhere thanks to nationalism. Everyone and their grandmas searched for their ancestors with its help. We have a saying a nation lives in her language and researchers in all countries put an equation between language and ethnicity, and they thought a folk's origin can be solved by following linguistic clues where written sources are not available anymore.