Bernd 01/12/2019 (Sat) 13:48:20 No.22291 del
We also have sumer hypothesis, due to some reasons you listed and their one of the deity name was similar to tengri.

I would claim proto-t├╝rks or proto-altaics passed through the area and affected ancient mesopotamia and ancient hattis a bit, but I wouldnt claim they are same people with us.

Also when you give a nation a couple centuries in this case more than a millenia, they eventually isolated, their culture, language evolves very differently from the integrated ones. I would claim that is the reason why in vast big plains of asia there are lots of isolated languages, the connection is eventually lost and they become a new thing, it's like tree branches. For example I wouldnt suprised if japanese language is connected with manchurian and korean and they eventually lose the connection, because they become very isolated in that island.

Another example many native americans probably developed their language while they still werent in america I suppose they lost connection in present day east russia.

Also as far as I know with enough isolation, the people also have different genetic mutations to adapt their region.