Bernd 05/23/2020 (Sat) 07:09:12 No.36913 del
>mostly a philosopher (stereotypical Russian Cosmist of late XIX
Even better.
I suspect the drawing in pic #1 could be drawn on one of his descruptions, like how that model for the movie was done.
But it still could be from somewhere else, or could have multiple source of inspiration as you wrote.
My problem is the caption for it in the magazine. It is literally says it's from the 19th century, and can't be interpreted as "from a fiction about a 19th century space travel".
Could be a model of some sort (like the other drawing in the pic, the golden dildo is also an object), or a typo, or sloppy research, or just bs. Still gonna try a look around a bit more, or even look up these founding fathers of rocketry.