Bernd 10/09/2020 (Fri) 18:46:15 No.40496 del
>>Hungarian government
>>no border changes ever
Well, nothing much that could be taken seriously. Since 1990 governments had to gave upon the border revision a couple of times, Fidesz had to as well, not just the previous governments. I don't think it's in the foreign policy to support officially Székelyföld's autonomy, which is far from border corrections. Politicians here and there from the Fidesz expressed their support (especially since Hungarians with double citizenship can vote, so they need to be friendly with them) but nothing like independence, or gib back clay. In the Jobbik, sure, but again not as official policy. And even Jobbik cannot be taken seriously, they'll never get into the government, and from farther right, it gets more weightless.
Many Hungarians would support revision, it's not a political reality however. Now.