Bernd 05/02/2021 (Sun) 13:29:03 No.43470 del
True, the discrepancy is only at the number of the German troops. But previously not many even knew which part started where and when, although the steps (German attack, then Soviet counteroffensive) are similarly narrated since 1945.
I tried to get more example, what I found is interesting: the books available to me and written prior 2000 they don't seem to note the amount of the participating troops (with one exception), the newer ones give numbers to the armor present, the older ones not at all.
Jukes - The Second WW Vol.5, 2005: 1,272,700 + 400,000 men, 3,306 tanks and assault guns (+ a tank army), 19,300 guns and mortars, and 920 katyushas on behalf of the Red Army; 900,000 men, 2,700 tanks, and 10,000 guns by the Germans.
Weinberg - A World At Arms, 1995: Germans used 2700 tanks and assault guns, 1400-1800 aircraft
Keegan - The Second WW, 1989: 2700 tanks, 1800 planes; then 4000 Sovet and 3000 German tanks.
Zentner (editor) - Der Grosse Atlas Zum II. Weltkrieg: says 2 million Menschen, 6000 Panzern, and 4000 Flugzeugen participated.
Karsai - Berchtesgadeni sasfészektől a berlini bunkerig, 1961 (Hungarian): it only talks about the losses, that Germans lost 5000 men daily, then 8000 daily.
Commager - Pocket History of WWII, 1945 (it's a Hungarian translation from 1991): repeats the same as Karsai, they used the same source, a report of a Soviet officer (maybe Golikov, both author treated the sources badly).