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The way he puts it, I can see parallels with the French Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars how Nappie had to chase the bongs all over the place, defeating England's clients (trying to at least), and then trying to use Continental Blockade to choke the Small Island. Ofc recurring themes (the world redistribution) greets us from WWI as well, and my thought a couple of times circled back to our current situation too, with the EU and Britain, including the Brexit.
We'll see some good insights - especially related to the Southern Theater but which will makes us question his previous statements -, one particularly I want to quote:
"Up to 1939 England did everything she could to prevent her grip around the rim of Europe loosening. But those events already started which she does not control and profit from, as she did until now, but four new powers: Germany, Japan, USA, and the Soviet."
Maybe it was just a lucky accident predicting the loss Great Britain's leading role, since he believed Germany will win, but noting there the USA and the SU, both of which should have been beaten by Germany (and the SU completely destroyed), makes me think he really smelled something in the changing wind. "those events" sure were different ones than he thought.
Next time gonna continue with some quotes, again for the style and ideological "payload".

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