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Some guy argues that medieval Christian witch hunts with all these crazy tests was just euphemism for coin testing:
That's short translation, original article with more info in Russian:

Some quotes:

>The truth in all its simplicity was revealed to Igor Grek when he saw that the instructions of the Inquisition to identify the "witch" would completely coincide with the methods of establishing the sample of precious metals according to the "Assayer's Guide". And if you replace the word "witch" with "counterfeit coin" in the records of the Inquisition, then everything falls into place. Let's compare and we, too, and then we will understand what was burned at the stake all over Europe.

>The iron test is characteristic only of the early Middle Ages. The "witch" had to not get burned by holding a red-hot bar of iron in the palm of his hand for several minutes. It was believed that God would protect the innocent in such a situation, and even legendary examples of acquittals were given!

>In fact, this means that a coin made of pure silver will not melt, "it will last a few minutes without damage", since iron heated to a light red color has a temperature of 830-900°С, and pure silver melts at a temperature of 960°С. All alloys with a silver content below 91 percent begin to melt at the same temperature - 779°C.