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Scandal on the Hungary.
Large western media outlets (and Amnesty International) acquired a client list of Israeli IT company, the NSO, specializing in creating what essentially spyware, putting wiretap into the wiretap everyone uses as smartphones. With the client list came a victim list as well.
Turns out the govt. of Hungary also uses the program, called Pegasus, and observed, and wire-tapped a bunch of people, whom they thought they should.
On one occasion they gathered the whole conversation that happened at a diner hosted by some businessmen. All the phones of every the participants were bugged. Apparently they talked about how the political situation is shit - which is basically every conversation ever on the Hungary. Related to that this quote is hilarious:
>“Two weeks after the dinner, someone contacted me to say: I knew you had this dinner, it’s very dangerous, you shouldn’t be doing that,”
What could they say that's "dangerous"? Srsly sounds like if we were in the '50s. I can't imagine what could be such things. Orbán, the Fidesz, and the govt. knows very well who does not support them and what could they think. They know they want to take the power out from their hands. They can't say anything that would surprise anyone... Did they plan assassination or what?
This thing surely does not add to the sense of security of anyone.
Here's more info about the whole thing, and and a Hungarian specific article (should be in English):