Bernd 07/21/2021 (Wed) 10:53:34 No.44499 del
(183.32 KB 1013x663 journalist-targets.png)
That Forbidden Stories group says it was used in 50 countries. They have other articles, but I can't find a fukin searchbox on their site.
Here's a map where they tapped journalists.
For now in Hungarian media (well on the new site - Index - I normally link) no news if the threads of this scandal reach Slovenia or not. I dunno if Slovenian media is looking into it. I can imagine us passing intel to other countries with good relations if there's info they might interested in. Or barter with such info.
On the other hand I saw articles noticing the good relations between our governments. Like "the Slovenian Prime Minister defended Orbán again", or noting Orbán spent so much money when he traveled to Slovenia (during the pandemic he dared to travel, this is also scandalous).