Bernd 07/22/2021 (Thu) 07:52:16 No.44512 del
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There are several stuff that comes to my mind regarding this case.
People are get used to feed Big Tech with their own data with two hands shoveling their private info and agreeing on every term of use that violates their privacy. But they are clueless they're doing this, and even those who is a bit tech savvy just shrug and live their life on.
On the other hand it is one thing that Google, Facebook and co. knows about every bit of data, and they share it with US govt. agencies, but getting that data from them by some other govt. like the Hungarian is another, it might be not that easy. I dunno how this works, I assume they can ask for the data, either from the company or from NSA for example, but those can shrug it off. It seems to me, that this monitoring they did with the Pegasus wasn't part of any investigation, they were just curious. If there were a legal case, then sure said companies and agencies probably would help, but without any why would they care?
Ofc there are the local companies, chiefly the ISPs, most of the communication will run on their infrastructure so they literally know everything that being exchanged between two devices. So through their infrastructure that data can be accessed. But even a https isn't that easy to just read. But then if they could "hack" the Pegasus onto their phones, they probably would be able to crack https traffic.
And anyway law enforcement has their ways for a long time now to acquire data. However - again - this thing wasn't part of official investigation, just some monkey business.
Luckily this year some changes were made in the law here, now a policeman (or any investigative officer) is allowed to "clandestinely" acquire net traffic without any authorization from a judge or prosecutor, on the basis of suspicion that a crime is being committed. Now everyone with a good buddy in the law enforcement can know everything about anyone.
Not to mention this:
EU based agencies is monitoring instant messaging now (legally) and gonna emails from Sept too.
I might move to Siberia deliberately.